Keep Going….


Shortly after i started blogging, I got officially into planning. Oh I had been a planner lover since my college days- it just always helped me to have things written down in a calendar type book- to see what I needed to do, had planned to do, etc.

My planning has gotten a bit more upgraded with Erin Condren planners, but the basic thing- me needing to see something written down- is the same.

Then with my planner friends, I met people who were Word of the Year type people. And I liked that. I liked picking a word and trying to live it, or having it to remind you to take things easy or whatever.

And then the end of 2019 happened. Between my diabetes diagnosis and my SIL’s surgery, the end of 2019 was running me ragged (and my mom’s back surgery and breast cancer earlier in 2019 had been no picnic either).

So, I was debating on Instagram with a friend or 2 about their words and i admitted that i hadn’t picked my word for 2020. I was toying with Grace- as in giving myself Grace as I focused on my health. And my friend Alison told me- I’m giving you permission to NOT pick a word. It’s been a year and maybe you don’t need a word, just need time and permission to focus on what you deem important.



So 2020- was the year of no word.

And then maybe around halfway or 3 quarters of a way through 2020- a sweet friend, Mel, sent me a little care package. And among the other things in in- was this pin. And a sweet card.

I put the pin somewhere that I could see it daily. So when I walked by it in the morning headed to my walk- I saw it. Same way with evening walks. And making lunches. And living life.

I liked it. I liked the positive message. I liked the colors.

I liked how it didn’t mean you wouldn’t struggle. Or have days or weeks where you wouldn’t feel like quitting. Or that you wouldn’t be frustrated. It just told you- keep going. Keep walking. Keep moving forward. Some days you are the turtle, others you are the rabbit. Some days I’m a rockstar, other days if I’ve brushed my hair- I’m calling it a win.

With other words I’ve picked in my time- I don’t know if they were the wrong word or what- but Keep Going is a phrase I can see myself referring to for many years.

And so here we are over halfway through the second month of 2021 and I didn’t really pick a word. I picked a phrase- one that could be my motto for every day of every year; Keep Going.

Some thoughts on my goals for 2021:

1. Get back into exercising. This cold weather has derailed me and I feel bad about missing my walks. I need my walks.


2. Seeking out more alone time. I sometimes need time to watch my old Designing Women DVD’s, to play old-school Mario and to focus on things that interest me- writing in my planner, etc.


3. To make time to take more photos of things that i like. I went on a nature hike this week- the pond was frozen and i wanted some photos of it. It was fun to walk around and try to do some arty like photos.


4. To know the world won’t end if I don’t post to instagram, Facebook, Twitter or my blog. I can’t do it all. I don’t want to do it all anymore.


5. To read what I want to read- when i want to read it. Some days I’ll be reading what everyone is reading, some days I’ll be ahead of the curve and some I’ll be behind it. Just read.


6. To quit “saving” things- use the good perfume, write in the pretty notebook.


7. To clean out my closets. It’s time to purge.


8. To send friends postcards and letters. I love getting happy mail and I need to get better about sending things to my friends.


9. To take the time to actually use the face masks and other assorted beauty products I’ve accumulated… BEFORE buying new ones 😉



*What are some of your goals for 2021?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T



4 thoughts on “Keep Going….

  1. Stop saving it — that’s the thing I’ve tried to do for the last 2 years. I have hoarding tendencies and I always tuck away things for later, but then never actually enjoy them. Gift cards that expire, beauty products that dry up, etc. So now I am trying to just use and enjoy them.

    • I KNOW! I love perfume and I used to wear it all the time when going out. But then when we quit going places, I started “saving” it. But I deserve to smell good even if I’m staying at home. And gift cards- I have “lost” 2 to Bonefish Grill (they don’t expire, though_) but darn it- I can’t recall where I put the little things.

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