Literary Friday, ya’ll…

Well, after the fun of Bouchercon (did you follow my adventures on Instagram?) and the November elections (and yes, folks- looks like there will be a run-off in less than 3 weeks!) I am a wee bit tired this week. And then yesterday, I found out my niece swallowed a penny. I need a Hallmark movie and a large drink. 😉

ALSO… we’re under a freeze warning tonight and the temperatures are looking pretty chilly for part of next week. Brrrrrrrrrr….

1.ICYMI at Traveling With T: The Family Upstairs.


2. Leaving on a jet plane to Bouchercon…


3. Hanging out with Felicia and Stacy…


4. Some Bouchercon fun…

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Guess who I got to meet today? #bouchercon2019

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5. See any books you like?


6. Some reviews from around the web:  Jenn Tar Heel Reader reviews The Light Over London, Orange County Readers talks about Nonfiction November, Love of Muse talks about The Family Upstairs, Angela Reads Books has a fun #jinglebooks challenge, and ReecaPieces reviews You’ve Been Volunteered.


7. Me and Stacy at speed dating…. and we may have been NEEDING coffee!


8.  Cozy mystery stack from Bouchercon.


9. Oh excuse me while I fan girl over AMY AND KATE! Tall Poppy Authors ❤


10. I couldn’t quite get my mojo going Saturday morning- so glitter shoes…


11. Book Review: The Christmas Dare.


12. Hello, Half Price Books!


13. I *ahem* needed candy for my flight home…


14. When your parents miss you- they take you to your fave restaurant..


15. Up bright and early for voting day.


16. Book Review: The Family Upstairs


17. Posing with books in Half Price Books…


18. A little #ThrowbookThursday:


19. Book Review: The Christmas Keeper.


20. #FridayReads: Reading Pretty, Nasty, Lovely.


21. I’ll have an official Bouchercon blog post soon- and it will totally have photos that you won’t have seen on Instagram 🙂


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

12 thoughts on “Literary Friday, ya’ll…

  1. I hadn’t heard of Bouchercon before, but it sounds like a fun event! I’ve only been to more general bookish cons and a more genre-focused one would be interesting. It also looks like this is happening pretty close to the me next year, so I’ve signed up for their newsletter and am at least thinking about going 🙂

    • It is really interesting. And fun. It’s kinda hard to explain- because you have such a mix of ppl attending- fans, people who are trying to be authors and authors. I think the host hotel fills up fast once you can register- in fact we were supposed to stay at a different hotel- but they had some last minute cancellations and we were able to get a room in the hotel Bouchercon was being held at.

      I doubt I’ll make Sacramento- between Book Expo and just other things- Sacramento will prob be out of the budget unless I win the lottery (which MS FINALLY FREAKING GOT!!!!!)

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