Futuristic Friday: Books You Will Love (July-September 2018)

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of #FuturisticFriday reads- where Katie and I share the reads we are most excited about! All these books are publishing between July and September 2018 so sit back and relax- we’ve got your reading choices covered from nonfiction to women’s fiction (and much in between!)


Katie at Doing Dewey’s July 2018 Futuristic Friday picks:


Beast, Blood and Ivy, Cancerland, From The Corner of the Oval, The Billionaire Raj, The Poisoned City, The Romanov Empress and Whistle in the Dark.


Traveling With T’s July 2018 Futuristic Friday picks:


Girls’ Night Out, The Last Time I Lied, Give Me Your Hand, The Summer Wives, Cooper’s Charm and When We Found Home.


Katie at Doing Dewey’s August 2018 Futuristic Friday picks:


Behind The Glass Wall, Bitwise, Fly Girls, Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society, The Bucket List, The Drama Teacher, Toil and Trouble and Walls.


Traveling With T’s August 2018 Futuristic Friday picks:


Death on the Menu, Good Luck With That, Not Her Daughter, Tear Me Apart and Trust Me.


Katie at Doing Dewey’s September 2018 Futuristic Friday picks:


A Cathedral of Myth and Bone, Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen, Eliza Hamilton, Rage Becomes Her, The Dinner List, The Poison Squad, The Sisters of the Winter Wood, and Vengeful.


Traveling With T’s September 2018 Futuristic Friday Picks:


Hitting The Books, In Her Bones, Leave No Trace and When The Lights Go Out.


Pin for Later:


*Which book(s) are you excited about?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

8 thoughts on “Futuristic Friday: Books You Will Love (July-September 2018)

      • I have the first two – I will always think of you when I have an Ellison book. ♥️ I know how much you love HPR, and I cannot wait for your review of it! I can’t believe you haven’t read it yet either!

  1. Such a good select, T! Apologies for my long lists. I always have such a hard time narrowing it down. I’ll try and do a better job next time it’s your turn to put together the post 🙂

    • Thank you! And no problem about how many you pick 🙂 Confession: 3 of the books I picked had pub dates changed to NEXT YEAR. And I thought I had finished Sept selections but then realized I hadn’t started them as I was writing the post. Sigh.

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