12 Tips for Surviving and Thriving at Book Expo 2018

Book Expo 2018 is almost here. Officially it begins Wednesday, May 30th- but I’m most excited about the events taking place on Thursday, May 31st and Friday, June 1.

This isn’t my first Book Expo and I in no way claim to be an expert on it (especially as the format changes just a bit each year!) but in the last few weeks- I’ve gotten several emails from first timer BE attendees who are looking for some guidance, to understand the BE website and many other things.

So, straight from me to you- here are some tips that will help make BE a more enjoyable experience…. hopefully.

1. Make a paper schedule. I know Book Expo has it’s own app and that is fine. But last year, one of my friends was talking about how slow the Wi-Fi was and you do not want your schedule to only be in an app… or a cloud. Paper is the way to go- use those others for backup.


2. Wear comfortable shoes. Ladies, this is not the time to break in a pair. Or wear the ones that make your legs look fantastic, but make your feet feel like they should be amputated. Not saying you can’t be stylish- but you def should pick comfortable first. You will walk. You will stand. A LOT. Trust.


3. DO NOT be that person who grabs multiple galleys at the galley drops (galleys = ARC’s). Is your best blogging friend at the drop but can’t make it up the front of the line with you? Ok, then grab 1 extra. Is your best blogging friend and 500 other buddies back at home asking you to bring them “free” books? Then no. Just don’t be that person. I wrote about this in a post about “free” books at Book Expo- just think how you would feel if you saw people grabbing multiple copies and you could not get one.


4. Mind your p’s and q’s- aka be on your best behavior in person and on social media. I’m going to break this to you: You will (potentially, probably, it could happen) NOT get every book you want at Book Expo. Logistically, it’s almost impossible to be at all the events you want to attend, plus all the galley drops, plus the giveaway opportunities- because you can’t be in 1 million places at once. So, you’re going to miss out. Or you might be in the line and still miss out- last year the line for Celeste Ng’s book was INSANE. I was in line next to that line to get a book and I was in and out- then stood and talked to some friends for a bit as well. I later heard that they ran out of books- the line was just that incredible. So, if that happens again- and I anticipate it happening with Kate Morton- don’t get mad. Don’t take to social media furiously complaining- sure you can say you are bummed and all that jazz- but just be mindful of how you will appear to others in person and on social media.


5. Budget for the extras. Lunch and water at Javits is not cheap. You may want to bring in your own water bottle- but if you don’t want to carry that around- just make sure you have budgeted some extra money aside for drinks and lunch.


6. Make plan on how to get the books home. If you travel far (like me) you’ll have to find a way to the books home. Both UPS and FedEX will be there to help. But they are a tad bit expensive (it’s cost of box + weight). Last year I took all my books home on plane (in suitcase and carry on- because I had like 30 books. I WILL NOT do that again. It was def a pain.) I usually spend $100-$150 on shipping- so just know that it’s an option and you will pay for convenience- but when your shoulder is not almost dislocated from carrying books in the ATL airport at a brisk pace because you are trying to make your next flight… well, you’ll be happy.


7. When you make your schedule- add EVERYTHING you want to do, kinda want to do, etc. You never know how much you will get to do till you get to the floor. A line may be shorter than you anticipate, freeing you up to get to another line faster. Here are the 7 books that I am DYING to get my hands on at Book Expo!


8. Make plans to take a break. It can be overwhelming being on the floor. Take some time to do casual walk throughs either on the floor or go down to one of the other levels. Maybe even walk outside. Or meet up with friends for a quick lunch or drink if you have a chunk of time available on your schedule. Don’t overtire yourself- the point is to have fun!


9. Bring a bag of essentials. Ponytail holders, lip gloss, battery charger, charging  cord,  business cards, Advil, band-aids (in case you did not listen about comfortable shoes), some cash/back up credit card, anti bacterial wipes, pens, notebook, etc.


10. Let people know you are going! You never know when another blogger is going and you can make plans to meet up.


11. Plan to have fun in NYC. The days are def Book Expo-centric- but the nights… well make plans for drinks, dinner, Broadway shows, touring NYC, eating cheesecake. There is something for everyone.


12. Remember: It’s all supposed to be fun. Don’t be afraid to divert from your schedule. If you need a break, take one. Talk to some people. Suggest meeting up for a drink or coffee. Get a black and white cookie and soak up some ambience in NYC. Take pictures of the books you get. Do an IG story in line to see your fave author. Do an outfit of the day post so people will know you when they see you. Or don’t. Again, it’s supposed to be fun- the only real “rules” is to have fun & don’t be greedy when it comes to the books!



*Have you been to Book Expo? What are your tips for surviving and thriving at Book Expo?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

16 thoughts on “12 Tips for Surviving and Thriving at Book Expo 2018

  1. This is a dream of mine to attend one of these in the future. Love Kate Morton’s writing as well as Elin Hilderbrand. I will have to check out Beatriz Williams. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Day – Happy Reading – Enjoy 🙂

  2. I love this post so much and I really wish I were going with you! I am going to do my best to plan for next year! My only worry is this is THE busiest time of year at work, but I’m going to try! Have so much fun and I will be stalking all your social media for posts, tweets, and stories!

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