#BooksandBottles: The Perfect Collaboration of Wine and Books for Book Clubs

Thanks to Tall Poppy Authors and Francis Ford Coppola Wine for the first 2 boxes of wine and books in the #BooksandBottles collaboration. #partner The following post is my honest opinion and thoughts of #BooksandBottles.


A few weeks ago- ok, back in the last week of December of 2017, UPS left a notice at my business that I had 2 packages that had to be signed for. Being my week off from work, I went in the next day to do some work and wait for my UPS man to show up after lunch. When he came walking in with 2 big boxes- my first thought was “BOOKS! A big box of BOOKS!” but as I looked at the label- I realized that it was better than books…. IT WAS WINE! And BOOKS! Oh my!

I had been seeing the Tall Poppy Authors tweeting excitedly about their collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola Wine and had been a little bummed that FFCW does not appear to be sold in any of my fave wine shops in driving distance of my house.

So color me happy when I received these boxes!

I did an Instagram Story on unpacking the box with The Truth about Thea (seriously, if you are not following me on Instagram– you are totally missing out!) and had a great time unpacking the box and showing off the contents.

This is LITERALLY a book club in a box. It’s got the wine- 2 bottles. It’s got a guide for music and a couple of complementary recipes. It’s got the book. Did I mention that it has wine?!

For book clubs- this is as simple as it gets. You’ve got the wine, the book, the guide- it’s all there for you. This is no club that you have to join. You don’t have to buy a certain number of boxes ( although you can!) This is a nice way to sample some good wine with some good reading (because The Tall Poppy Authors know good reading- they write GREAT books!)


National Wine Day was a little brighter at my house with these bottles of wine around ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to know more about #BooksandBottles or are you ready to purchase a box for yourself? Here is more info.

Full disclosure: I am not in a book club. I should be sad about this, but the book club I used to belong to was a pain in the neck never wanted to read the book or drink wine.ย  However, if I was in a book club- this would make the night a piece of cake ๐Ÿ™‚


You have your choices between red and white wine- which I think is great. Sometimes I like a red, but I’m mainly a white wine girl at heart.


As I said before- it is LITERALLY a book club in a box. Or a relaxing evening with a good book, a bubble bath and some nice wine. Because there is nothing wrong with drinking a bottle of wine while reading a book!


*Which box of wine and books would you purchase? And just to tease you some more- the next #BooksandBottles selections will be announced soon-ish!*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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