Literary Friday ya’ll…..

Well… Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. Honestly, I am NOT a football person. I usually have it on for the commercials… But this year, I’ll be birthday party-ing it up with Little A so prob will not see any of the game or commercials.

What will you be doing this weekend? Watching the big game?

1.ICYMI at Traveling With T this week: 7 Mysteries We Love, Two Girls Down, & Best Friends Forever.


2. Yesterday, I met up with Reeca from ReecasPieces and we went to the Literacy Is Key event in Memphis, TN. Kristy Woodson Harvey, Christina Baker Kline and Kim Wright were all there and boy, was it fun! I’ll be doing a full post soon- but here’s a peek from my Instagram:


3.  I’m a little disappointed that I’ve only read 4 books in January. A conversation about this yesterday is inspiring a blog post in the future- but as I look back at January and think “just 4 books?” I also recall how I re-read Sisters Like Us, A Million Little Things and Look Can Kill- plus, I’ve been nostalgia reading here and there old Nancy Drew and Baby Sitter’s Club Books. So, since I don’t count re-reads toward my Goodreads goal ( and that’s a whole other blog post!)…. I’ve read more. But still… only 4 (new) books is disconcerting.


4. Reviews and Giveaways from around the web: Suzy Approved has a book excerpt from The Lucky Ones, Novelgossip reviews Sisters Like Us, A Touch of Southern Grace has a Valentine’s Day gift guide (I REALLY want that silk pillowcase from Slip Silk), Always With A Book reviews The Girlfriend & Linda’s Book Obsession reviews The Family Next Door.


5. ICYMI on my Instagram: I Am The Cat’s Pajamas, Bookmail: Bring Her Home, & Reeca and I at Literacy Is Key.


6. Instagrams I’m Loving: Tomes and Tequila, HoneyandPineCoProse_and_Palate, & Moms Small Victories.


7. #FridayReads: I finished on Wednesday Double Dog Dare by Gretchen Archer so I’m looking for a new read. Any suggestions?


And lastly…. In case you are looking for a book to read this weekend that will tie into the Super Bowl fun….


*Have a fun & fabulous weekend- and read some good books!*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

6 thoughts on “Literary Friday ya’ll…..

  1. I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and half time show too! I just don’t get football.
    (PS. According to me, (an expert) the accurate name of a football is a footlemon. This is to account for the fact that by the dictionary definition of “ball”. A ball must be spherical in shape. Therefore, a football is not actually a ball and instead is a lemon.)

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