12 Ways To Celebrate Fall In A Small Town

While summer is my definite favorite season- there is just something about fall that makes me happy. Maybe it’s the colors- I do love me some mums and pumpkin centerpieces. Maybe it’s the crispness in the air or the fact that I was born in the fall so I think it’s just a bit of a special time. I don’t know how to explain it, but I do enjoy some fall.

Because I’m an aunt to the 2 most beautiful nieces, I’ve really been thinking back to my days of Halloween and fall fun and thinking about opportunities to have fun with them and make memories! The makings of a list was formed and before I knew it- 12 ideas had popped into my mind.

While I definitely think fall in a small town cannot be beat, most of these activities can be found in larger towns/cities, but you’ll just miss out on the small town charms πŸ™‚

Which activity will you cross off your fall bucket list?

1.Go to Fall Festivals in your town.

My town has recently started having a fall festival/harvest festival. On my travels around Mississippi- I’m noticing that many towns are having something in the fall- they may call it different things, but basically it’s a fall festival. So, get out there- support your town! Walk around, enjoy some food from the food trucks. Listen to some music or the local high school band play!


2. Football games (specifically Homecoming games!)

I’m not a huge fan of football myself, but even I have to admit that there is something about watching Friday Night Lights fun at your local high school or driving to see your fave college team play and spending the day tailgating and cheering your team on to victory. Even better- when it’s HOMECOMING. People make plans to come back to their alma mater and remember a simpler time in their life- before kids, before jobs. So, why don’t you use Facebook for a good purpose and mention to some old buddies that you are coming to the next football game/homecoming? Invite them, invite the families- set up a tent and tailgate. Reflect on the past -You know you got some good stories to tell about each other πŸ˜‰ and enjoy getting to know the “new” sides of your old friends- the sides with their wives, children and mini-vans!


3. Carve/Decorate Pumpkins

Flip through a Good Housekeeping or Woman’s Day mag and there are tons of ideas on how to decorate your pumpkins for upcoming fall events or just to decorate your mantel/table/yard. Got kids in your life? Take a quick trip to the local Michael’s/Target and let everyone pick out a few decorative items (glitter, eye stickers, pipe cleaners, paint- most of these things can be found in the dollar aisle!) Then everyone go home and decorate your pumpkin! Depending on age of kids and your tolerance level for mess- you may decide to not carve and just let them decorate outside of pumpkin.


4. Go on a leaf hunting adventure.

So, this one is a win-win for ALL the family because you are spending some time together, getting some exercise and just having fun. Let the kids run ahead and find some leaves (bonus points for more colorful!) If you really want to turn this into an educational trip- make a list about the types of leaves they should be looking for (different types of oaks, maple, etc). Just want a fun day? How about bring a picnic lunch and settle in under a tree after you all have collected leaves and enjoy some apples, cheese and nice glass of water! Be sure and bring Fido with you- he’ll love playing the outdoors with the kids!


5. Make S’mores & Tell Ghost Stories Around The Campfire

Make a plan to sit out under the stars ( even better: Full Moon!) and start a campfire (or use your pitfire!) to make s’mores and tell ghost stories. Or if you are too scared- maybe just make s’mores and listen to Halloween music or watch a Halloween movie (Hocus Pocus, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and The Addams Family are some good choices!)


6. Go to a State Fair.

Pretty self explanatory, but check the calendar for when it’s coming near you and make a plan to go ride some rides, eat some fair food, and have a fun afternoon/night with your family.


7. Spend an afternoon at a pumpkin patch/corn maze.

Lots of towns have jumped on this trend- it’s a perfect way to spend some time with the kids in your life. Usually there is a hay ride offered as well. Also when thinking about family pictures- the site usually has some great places set up for photos so you can remember your time there forever!


8. Do a fall themed scavenger hunt!

Got a bunch of kids in the house for the day? Turn them loose outside and have them hunt for certain fall things (certain types of tree leaves, acorns, etc) and walk around outside with them while they search for the items. After everyone has run around outside and found the items- have them back in for hot cocoa, popcorn and movies!


9. Have a Halloween party for your kids and their friends.

Make a plan with the parents and decide who is hosting the party. Make sure to have hot dogs, hamburgers, the makings for s’mores and for entertainment- a hay rideΒ  or carving/decorating pumpkins would be great. Want to make it even more fun? Have a photo booth (all you need is a good background and some props- teenagers will have their own phones and for little kids- just have an adult use her phone to take pictures!)


10. Trunk or Treat at the local church/community organization.

Until my nieces came into the world, I’d never been trunk or treating. They weren’t popular in my area during my trick or treating days- so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Columbus, MS has it pretty well organized! They have an area for cars to drive up (by a certain time!) and set up their “booths” or trunks. In another area- hamburgers and hotdogs are being serves and bluegrass entertainment is happening. There is a kids zone with age appropriate games and then another area with a “haunted” house and ice cream for all the kids! I adore walking around, holding my nieces hand and watching her delight in getting candy and winning prizes!


11. Decorate your yard/house for Fall/Halloween.

You can do this as simple or as elaborate as you want. To me, a nice pumpkin outside the house with some fall foliage is a great decoration!


12. Have a family photo in the great outdoors.

Maybe you live in a picture perfect place- with a tree that is dripping leaves with all the fall colors. Maybe you took the picture after you decorated the outside of the house. Maybe you stumbled across the fall scene of your dreams- a pond with tress nearby and in the distance a old house with a cotton field near it. Indoor pictures are great- they really are. But outdoor pictures- the true light, the colors- they are def fun! Ideas: Kids peeping around tree at each other, family jumping in a leaf pile, standing in a sunflower field. The photo opportunities are there!


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*How do you celebrate fall?*


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