Book Spotlight + Giveaway: Touch by Courtney Maum

Today, Traveling With T is partnering with Putnam Books for a giveaway of Touch by Courtney Maum.

With coverage in magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire (just to name a few), Touch is a book that you will be seeing everywhere this summer.

Photo Credit: Putnam Books, May 30

Summary from Goodreads:

From the author of the acclaimedI Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, a satirical and moving novel in the spirit of Maria Semple and Jess Walter about a New York City trend forecaster who finds herself wanting to overturn her own predictions, move away from technology, and reclaim her heart.

Sloane Jacobsen is the most powerful trend forecaster in the world (she was the foreseer of the swipe ), and global fashion, lifestyle, and tech companies pay to hear her opinions about the future. Her recent forecasts on the family are unwavering: the world is over-populated, and with unemployment, college costs, and food prices all on the rise, having children is an extravagant indulgence.

So it’s no surprise when the tech giant Mammoth hires Sloane to lead their groundbreaking annual conference, celebrating the voluntarily childless. But not far into her contract, Sloane begins to sense the undeniable signs of a movement against electronics that will see people embracing compassion, empathy, and in-personism again. She’s struggling with the fact that her predictions are hopelessly out of sync with her employer’s mission and that her closest personal relationship is with her self-driving car when her partner, the French neo-sensualist Roman Bellard, reveals that he is about to publish an op-ed on the death of penetrative sex a post-sexual treatise that instantly goes viral. Despite the risks to her professional reputation, Sloane is nevertheless convinced that her instincts are the right ones, and goes on a quest to defend real life human interaction, while finally allowing in the love and connectedness she’s long been denying herself.

A poignant and amusing call to arms that showcases her signature biting wit and keen eye, celebrated novelist Courtney Maum’s new book is a moving investigation into what it means to be an individual in a globalized world.

Praise for Touch by Courtney Maum:

“Courtney Maum has somehow written a provocative meditation on human interaction in the technological age and a fun, touching beach read. I can’t wait for it to spark all kinds of unexpected vacation discussions!”—Jade Chang, the author of The Wangs Vs. The World

“Touch is so smart that even its comic absurdities quiver with wisdom, as an anti-mom and a neo-sensualist confirm our suspicion that the lives of trendsetters aren’t quite what they appear to be. Maum’s writing is sharp and complex—prepare to be touched by this novel is ways you might not expect.” -Elizabeth McKenzie, National Book Award Finalist, The Portable Veblen



Thanks to Putnam Books, Traveling With T has 1 copy of Touch by Courtney Maum to give to a lucky reader (US only) #PRHPartner Giveaway ends May 29th at 11:59pm. Check the Rafflecopter for more details.

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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15 thoughts on “Book Spotlight + Giveaway: Touch by Courtney Maum

  1. Jennifer C says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the texture (TOUCH) that is added by the finger painting! And the colors are kind of 80s which I love. Perfect all around!

  2. What I love the most about the cover is that it is so colorful! Even though the background is white, that’s good because it’s not overloaded with color. It is just enough to make me want to read this book! Thanks for the chance!

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