#FuturisticFriday review: The Secret Room by Sandra Block

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

The Secret Room

Summary: Her patients are dying. Some are apparent suicides and others possible accidents, but rumors are flying that Dr. Zoe Goldman is an angel of death-intentionally helping hopeless cases go to a “better place” – or, worse yet, a dangerously incompetent doctor.

As a new psychiatry fellow at the local correctional facility, Zoe is still learning the ropes while watching her back to avoid some dangerous prisoners. As the deaths mount up, Zoe is wracked with horror and guilt, feverishly trying to figure out what is going wrong and even questioning her own sanity.

What Zoe doesn’t realize is that someone is targeting her patients to get to her. Someone who has access to her deepest secrets and fears. Someone who will stop at nothing to take everything Zoe has, even her life.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I’ve read both Sandra Block’s previous books; Little Black Lies and The Girl Without A Name.

Zoe is an interesting character. She’s a psychiatry residence. She has ADHD. She sees her own doctor to help her work though issues of her past and to work on some of her quirks. She’s in love. She’s got empathy for her patients. She’s layered!

I was glad to see more growth in Zoe in this book. In the past 2 books, I felt a loathsome French man had kept Zoe’s growth from full potential. In this book, she’s like a sunflower who is fully appreciating the sun.

What I liked:

The cover. It hints at so much.

The mystery. Who is taunting Zoe? The riddles are creep-tatsic.

The ending. Our Zoe is growing and I’m eager to see where future books take her!


I really loved the format of The Secret Room- the story told in current and then the letters. I’ll admit that Sandra Block had me fooled for some time about the letter writer!

Bottom line: If you’ve read previous books by Sandra Block, get this one. While you can read The Secret Room as a standalone, things from previous books will be spoiled a bit.


*This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.*


*This book was an April 2017 #FuturisticFriday selection from Traveling With T.*


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4 thoughts on “#FuturisticFriday review: The Secret Room by Sandra Block

  1. momssmallvictories says:

    I haven”t read Sandras books before, looks like I need to grab some. Thanks for sharing, you know I love psychological thrillers and mysteries.

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