#AMonthOfFaves2016: Most Useful Tools for Getting Sh*T Done


Today’s topic for #AMonthofFaves should be VERY informative! Can’t wait to see what Tanya @ GirlXOXO and Andi at Estella’s Revenge has to say!


Today’s Topic:

Wed. | Dec. 7 – Most Useful Tools For Getting Sh&! Done #AMonthofFaves2016 – Apps, websites, planners – how and what do you use to get life and / or work Shit done?!

I love paper. I love planners. I love pens. I love pencils. I will cut you if you walk off with my Triplus Fineliner pens.

I am organized. However, I have a lot of people, animals, and things ( not to include ideas and projects) all clamoring for pieces of my attention. And sometimes, that is when things begin to slip.

I realized this year that while as much as electronic planners make sense (you can sync, etc) that for me, paper is king. Let me repeat that: PAPER IS KING.

What do I use to get organized?

1. My Erin Condren life planner and my Plum Planner. (EC’s for blogging and PP is for side hustle work). I LIKE both, but I find that PP has a couple of add ons that really rock my world.  I also find that while I do adore my EC planner- it’s beginning to morph from more than a blogging planner and into more of life planning for me as I’m making notes of cute things Alexa said, sticking pictures, etc in it.

So, for me, I’m still not at station Planner Peace yet- but I do know that paper is my heart.

2. A plain old fashioned notebook. Full disclosure: Sometimes it’s a glittery cover notebook 😉 But seriously- the kind of notebook that you can find at your local Walmart, Target, etc- is where I plan out social media plans. It gives me more room to write (which I need!)

3. My May Designs notebook. It’s size (small, but not too small) makes it perfect for throwing in my purse for random day trips places. When I’m at lunch or drinking coffee while taking a break from shopping, I write notes to myself, ideas on blogging, sometimes even phrases to use in my book reviews.

4. Triplus Fineliner pens. As stated above, I will cut someone if they walk off with them. My love for them is deep. They are perfection (they don’t bleed through!) and I love them.

5. Pocket. I adore links. I love to save great links for later to read or sometimes it’s a topic that I can see myself sharing multiple times. In Pocket, I make a folder and there it is. For as long as I want it/need it.

6. Notes on my Mac. The Notes function on my Mac is often used- partly because I blog in 2 places (at home and at my office). I schedule a blog post at home, then in my Notes- I send the link, the blurb from review, the date it posts, and email it to myself- then I have a record of images to make for upcoming reviews and when I get all of it done- I commit it to paper planner 🙂

*What do you use to get your sh*t together?*

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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10 thoughts on “#AMonthOfFaves2016: Most Useful Tools for Getting Sh*T Done

  1. sarahsbookshelvesblog says:

    I think I need to check out pocket. My current method is to open the link in my browser and just leave that tab sitting there until I read the thing…not the most organized!

    • I LOVE pens. I can never have enough. I don’t use all of them at the same time, but I have my faves- for work/work, I use the darker pens (the browns and blacks) For blogging and note taking- I go wild- pinks, blues, etc!

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