Book Talk with R & T presents a day in the life of The Bookshop on the Corner!


This week has been #BookTalkWithRandT all week long at both mine and Rhiannon’s blogs. We’re very choosy about the books we pick to spotlight because we like to have ALL THE FEELS about the books (and we love to have this text message convos back and forth about where we are in book, etc.)

Rhiannon suggested this book and from the cover, I could just tell that this would be a great book. Then reading the description sealed the deal. I was sold.

I did a little photo documenting along the way as I read the book- and I might have made some notes 🙂 So, get ready to see the photos!

Day 1:

I started reading The Bookshop on the Corner on a Saturday. Reading on Saturday can be hit and miss at my house. Between the over-indulged cats and other things that pop up- well, I don’t always get to get super-sucked into the books.

However, I did manage to get a nice chunk read- enough to know that I really liked Nina.


Day 3:

Notice how I skipped Day 2? My cats made me pay all day Sunday for not indulging them all morning Saturday. Sigh. Snapped a pic that I need to share to Instagram 🙂


Day 4:

Nina is pretty brave. She takes a chance and though she does not know if it will work out- I think Nina is on her way to finding her bliss.


Day 5:

Success! Finished. Happy dance! Thanks to William Morrow for the fab #bookstagram mail!



*Have you entered to win The Bookshop on the Corner yet?*

Happy Book Talk With R & T week!

Rhiannon at Ivory Owl Reviews and T @ Traveling With T

Book Talk With R and T sign off 1

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