Literary Friday, ya’ll….

literary friday

So, I made a promise to myself to be better about Literary Friday posting in 2016 after getting all sidetracked in a major way. Unfortunately, I’ve still not been great at posting.

The last few weeks have been busy. I’ve had other non-blog commitments demanding attention and it’s left me creatively drained at the end of the day. (Nothing bad! Just my plate got SUPER-full and some things had to be prioritized and the blogging was pushed to the back burner!) So, happily, I can say that at least 2 of the things were taking up tons of attention is now behind me and I’m hoping to fill my creative bucket again and get back to serious blogging time 🙂

Some things you can look forward to in the next few weeks: Beach Reads, review of Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica, a cover reveal and a few other things I’m cooking up!

Stick around 🙂 I have some ideas for Traveling With T- and I don’t want you to miss a thing!

On to Literary Friday….

1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Since I’ve missed a few- I’m going to highlight this week and a interview that you cannot miss from a past #literaryfriday! 5/13 #LiteraryFriday: News about the Mississippi Book Festival, Mary Kay Andrews spills her favorite books to devour in a weekend and (drumroll, please!) A chance to enter the Girlfriends Getaway to Greenwood, MS! And in case you missed it, here is the interview with Kristy Woodson Harvey that recently posted at Deep South Magazine!


2. This week is BEA in Chicago. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it. SIGH. And then I was too busy to actively participate in Armchair BEA (Double sigh). Check out Wesley @ Library Educated and Stacy at The Novel Life for 2 really good Armchair BEA posts- then follow authors Kerry Lonsdale and Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke on Instagram- they are getting some fabulous pics are (almost) soothing the pain of not breathing the air at BEA myself.


3. I want to give a shout-out to some fan-freaking-tastic bloggers who opened their blogs guest posts by Laura McNeill (she recently wrote Sister Dear– read my review here and check out Donna @ OnDBookshelf’s & Kristin at Always With A Book reviews of Sister Dear as well- PLUS see why One Book At A Time chose it as a Top 10 Summer Reading Pick!

*Cue the glitter, sparkles and fireworks* THANK YOU to Helen at My Novel Opinion– 5 Books I Love To Read Again and Again, Donna at OnDBookshelf–  5 Gifts You Must Include In A Book Lover Care Package, Laura at The Book Junkie– 5 Ways To Get More Reading Time In Your Life, BookFan Mary– 4 Books To Take On Vacation, and Reeca’s Pieces– How to Start a Book Club in 5 Easy Steps. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


4. Giveaways: Some #FuturisticFriday giveaways: Katie @ Doing Dewey is giving away The Mirror Thief, The Atomic Weight of Love, If I Was Your Girl, and I’m giving away The Weekenders and Don’t You Cry.  Other giveaways: Kristin at Always With A Book is giving away Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica and Laura McNeill is giving away 2 audio books of Sister Dear!


5. Andrea at Great Thoughts recently posted about the Do’s and Dont’s of social media for authors- some excellent tips- as well as shining a light on some authors who are rocking social media!


6. Tanya at Mom’s Small Victories is showing off 2 posts today that I think you will enjoy: A Guest Post from Allison at The Book Wheel– Career Opportunities in Blogging and How Pinning Perfect Class Me Achieve Massive Growth In Pinterest!


7. My #FridayReads: I’m reading a VERY early copy of a recently added fav author (which I’ll reveal more about at a later date) and for a bit of nostalgia some old Nancy Drew Case Files 🙂 I just finished #3 Murder on Ice- Nancy, George, Bess and Ned are in Vermont for some much needed skiing- until a mystery beckons and Nancy must answer. When “accidents” start happening around the ski instructor- Nancy tries to find out if he’s setting them or the intended victim. Before George falls completely in love with a potential bad guy.


8. Oh and if you would like a few peeks at some things that have been taking up some of my time- my green thumb is getting better! Begonias, Seedlings, Planting Seeds 1 and Planting Seeds 2 have made me happy the past few weeks 🙂


So, what has been going on in your area? Reading tons of books? Gardening? Getting kids ready for graduation? Soaking up some beautiful weather and outdoor fairs/concerts? Tell me alllllllllll about it in the comments- and if you aren’t following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram– let’s change that!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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10 thoughts on “Literary Friday, ya’ll….

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Tamara. I was disappointed to have to skip BEA. I live only a couple of hours from Chicago but life prevented me from attending. Maybe the next time.
    I’m off to check out your green thumb post – we can’t think of planting anything here until Memorial Day weekend.

    • You are SO welcome! 🙂

      I wanted to go and I wasn’t sure about going. Kristin and I stay in a hotel in NYC that is close to Javits and works for us really well- and Chicago was so full of unknowns (plus both of us were in a busy time- we could have made it, but with life- we just decided not to go.)

      Hopefully you’ll make it to NYC for a BEA or it’ll be closer to you some time in future!

      Gah, Memorial Day- I’ve been planting here since beginning of April!

  2. I’ve missed your posts – glad you are back. I have been busy reading, writing reviews, helping my grandson with end of year school projects and trying to do some spring cleaning which is always my last choice on how to spend a day.

  3. momssmallvictories says:

    I’m totally missing out on BEA abd Armchair BEA fun too this week. I will be checking out Sister Dear, sounds like a while bunch of bloggers I love enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the shout outs to my 2 posts about Pinterest and Allison’s Career Opportunities post. I love helping other bloggers take their blogs to the next level as I hope to do! You’re a doll, glad to see Literary Friday making a comeback. I know how hard it is to keep up with everything.

    • I considered doing ABEA, but I just COULD NOT add 1 more thing to my list. I wanted to buy Pinterest class while it was on sale (someone hacked my CC and I’m having to wait on a new one to arrive! Ugh! So, tons of things I’m wanting to purchase (Ombre Ink Pads, new stickers, and that class that have to wait till card comes. SIGH.)

      YOU are a doll! My next bloggy resolution- start joining in on the fun of your linky parties. I need a blogging shake up 🙂

      • momssmallvictories says:

        Oh my, that is a lot to deal with at once. That feels like me today on my infusion day. I hope you are able to get the class and I’d love to have you participate in our linkup!

      • Yep, it’s just been a bit crazy here lately! I think I’m going to wait on the class till more fall-ish time simply b/c it’s so crazy here over the summer- even with a self-paced class I won’t even TOUCH the class till the weather gets cool.
        As far as your linkup- I just need to start making a note to self to do it every Sunday- fingers crossed!

  4. ondbookshelf says:

    I’m late to the comments party because I was at BEA (YAY me!!!). Thanks for the shout out, I totally enjoyed working with Laura McNeill and loved the book! This week I’ll be playing catch up (both in reading and real life). Looking forward to seeing Mary Kay Andrews at an event this Wed. (because I need to accumulate yet another book to read!).

    • SO jealous about you getting to go to BEA. I saw some pictures on Twitter (i Think!) I’m glad you enjoyed working with Laura- she’s so great and I really enjoyed Sister Dear!

      AHHHH! Getting to see MKA! JEALOUS! I met her at MS Book Fest last year (in line for the bathroom!) She was so nice!

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