#AMonthOfFaves: Top Posts From 2015


It’s the last day of #AMonthOfFaves- so hat tip to Tanya and Andi– Tanya for creating this event and Andi for rocking it as a co-host. It’s been a fun month- I’ve learned lots πŸ™‚

The prompt for today is to pick 5 of your fave posts (from your own blog).

So, here goes πŸ™‚


Fave Posts from Traveling With T:

1.Β  BEA 2015: A recap of BEA 2015.


2. What Is The Role of A Book Blogger?: I get all chit-chatty, admit where I see red when some people think blogging is our job, and confess that I want to make money from blogging one day.


3. Want To Read More? Get Off Social Media!: In which I tell folks- it’s not that you don’t have time to read- it’s that you use your time inefficiently.


4. What Are The “No-No’s” in Review Requests?: Authors, read the review policy. And don’t pitch on Twitter.


5. “Free” Books at BEA: Where I dispel the myth that BEA is all about free books. Ain’t nothing for free, folks.


Honorable Mentions:

1.Β  Traveling With T Has EXCITING News: I share the news that I finally was able to buy my domain.


2. #AMonthOfFaves: Fave Book Covers from my Reading Year: You know- cover love πŸ™‚


What do you think of my faves?



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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12 thoughts on “#AMonthOfFaves: Top Posts From 2015

  1. Love your FAVES!!

    The BEA one is great. I actually chose that one too. πŸ™‚ Your post is much better, though. πŸ™‚

    The FREE BEA book one is great too…it definitely isn’t FREE, but it definitely is FUN!!

    Happy New Year, and thanks so much for this MONTH OF FUN!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My A Month of Faves

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