#AMonthOfFaves: How To Pick Next Read/What Next?


I’m a day late with this post- sorry! I’ll save you from the graphic details- but: Stomach Flu-1, T-0. Enough said.

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Today’s prompt:

Weekly Book Discussion {how do you pick your next read – what do you do after you’re finished reading a book}

How Do I Pick My Next Book?

Before I became a book blogger, I had my year of books to read marked- Janet Evanovich would publish over the summer, Sue Grafton’s backlist was keeping me busy, my cozy mystery authors were pretty spread out- and that left me time for investigating other reads.

When I started tweeting and talking about books- I found new worlds opened to me. I’d never have said I’d liked Southern Lit before (I always associated it with Faulkner which I associated with assigned reading for college) But, I began to realize that while I might not call the books I enjoyed Southern Lit- some were.

Then I broadened my taste to include historical fiction.

Then I became a book blogger.

And, life as I knew it was over.

I now, on any given day, have so much to choose from. From books I do request, to the books that just show up in my mailbox, to my occasional looks through Netgalley- plus all the books that just sound interesting to me (and of course- my beloved authors from way back in the day).

So, how do I choose what to read next?

  • Release Date
  • Mood Reading
  • Backlist
  • My own books
  • The Spinning method


Release date: If I get the book in time, if it appeals to me- I try to have it read by the week of release date. TRY.

Mood Reading: I would never have said I was a mood reader before. But over the last few months, I’ve become more of one. Sometimes it’s a book funk. Sometimes it’s a craving for a good psych thriller. Sometimes I need that sweet HEA ending. If I’m craving it- I give in. Even if I have to re-read something to get the fix I need.

Backlist: Sometimes I’m so awed by what I’m currently reading- I must go and check out the backlist right then.

The Spinning Method: Seriously, this is more of a joke. Cindi suggested it to me one night when I was struggling over what next to pick to read- and sometimes, I use it. Especially when nothing is appealing to me!


After I read:

  • Review
  • Social Media
  • Goodreads


Review: I write my reviews (if I’m going to review) usually within a week of reading.

Social media: I post thoughts about the book, etc at various times.

Goodreads: I update my shelves and link my reviews. Since I have created a Review to Come Shelf, I usually do that in bulk- like 10 at a time.


How do you pick what to read next?



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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10 thoughts on “#AMonthOfFaves: How To Pick Next Read/What Next?

  1. I hope you feel better. I had a bit of a stomach bug too.

    What a wonderful story about your evolvement as a blogger and reader. I love this Month of Faves. It is so nice to learn about other fellow bloggers.


  2. I nee to get more organized…and I love your ideas about how you choose what to read. Also I am in awe of your goodreads book shelf on ones to be reviewed. I can’t even seem to figure out all of Goodreads yet. I suspect I am not using it correctly- thus could be more organized. I have a huge pile of books to be read – am reading more than I ever did and loving it. Thanks T for all your wonderful blogs!

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