#AMonthOfFaves: These Are A Few of my Fave Things….


Today’s Prompt:

Favorite Holiday Festivities – show off your favorite ornaments, home decor, place to go, holiday drinks, holiday eats, holiday themed reads.

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These Are A Few Of My Fave Holiday Things

1. The Christmas tree. It’s 9 foot tall. It’s a hell-acious pain to put up. But it’s gorgeous when it’s all done. Glittering and sparkling with lights. I love to sit in the living room with a good glass of wine and let the peace of the tree flow over me.

2. My fave ornament

I actually have a ton of fave ornaments- the boots from Nashville, the Santa ornament, all the birds that are in the tree at various places. But the ornament that makes me the happiest is:

alexa's ornament

This ornament is my sweet niece’s ornament- and I proudly hang it on the tree. She’s my heart- and reminds me that the holidays should be such a magical time for children.

3. Fav holiday drink:

Wine. Blondie from Cup’s Coffee House. Hot Chocolate ( made at home because I add all the extras- to make it a cup of happiness.)

4. Fav Christmas Movie:

The Christmas Story. I re-watch Ernest Saves Christmas every once in a while to pay homage to my childhood. The Family Stone. Mickey’s Christmas Carol. How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Home Alone.

5. Fav Holiday Eats:

Chex Mix and lace cookies.

6. Holiday Reads:

How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I’ve been reading it the past couple of years to my Sweet A- and I think it’s a sweet niece/aunt tradition.

7. Christmas music:

The Eagles: Please Come Home For Christmas

A Very Ally Christmas: Featuring Vonda Shepard (specifically, THIS CHRISTMAS)

Rod Stewart: Merry Christmas Baby

An assortment of traditional holiday songs and their more “pop” versions.


What are your fave things?



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

traveling with t sign off picture

9 thoughts on “#AMonthOfFaves: These Are A Few of my Fave Things….

  1. I am an ornament collector and freak for ornaments – ha! I love Christmas Vacation and The Christmas Story – I loved seeing a children’s theater production of The Christmas Story a few years back 🙂 I have not met a Sugar Cookie that I did not eat – YUM! I cannot seem to get into the Holiday music this year for some reason. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    I bet your tree is BEAUTIFUL! I want to sit and bask in its glow, too! And I love your traditions with your niece. My sister is kidless-by-choice and so she counts mine as her own. They have lots of special auntie/niece traditions and it warms my heart to watch their relationship. Aunties rule!!

    • I like to think it’s beautiful 🙂 I’ll tag you in a pic so you can virtually bask in the glow- I’m nice like that. 😉 I love my niece- and I’m trying so hard for us to have traditions that are just for us (I’m not childless by choice- just haven’t met the right man to even think about a child with) so having her with me for the holidays warms my heart. 🙂

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