Along The Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams

Along The Infinte Sea

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Along The Infinite Sea

Pepper Schuyler is trouble. She’s got a nose for it. A figure for it. Pepper and trouble love to tango.

Pepper thinks she has found a way out of her recent troubles, though. Discovering a Mercedes, she secretly has it restores and plans to sell it an auction- thereby earning a tidy sum- maybe enough for an unmarried woman to go with the baby she’s carrying and live a life- free from people who might find the child an inconvenience.Β 

Cue Annabelle. A woman who might love trouble as much as Pepper. After she buys the car from Pepper and begins to reveal why she wanted the car- Annabelle takes Pepper under her wing.

ALONG THE INFINITE SEA tells the story of two women- Pepper and Annabelle. Both strong. Independent. Opinionated. Women whose lives are more difficult (however richer) for the choices they have made.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I 100% fell in love with Beatriz Williams’s writing style when she blasted into my life with A HUNDRED SUMMERS. Ever since then, I have anxiously awaited a new story in her saga.

ALONG THE INFINITE SEA is a bit of a bittersweet read for me- it’s the last Schuyler sister book and I will miss those stories.

With it already being established that I am a Beatriz fan- let’s just get into what I liked about the story:

  • The Cover. My gosh, is actual art as pretty as this cover? I think not. Please, I beg of whoever does the cover art for Beatriz’s covers- let’s talk. I need a large size print of this cover. Pure perfection.
  • The story of Annabelle. It always amazes me how much I learn about history when reading a book by Beatriz. My heart always breaks just a bit thinking about the hardships of the women she writes about.
  • How I kept guessing and re-guessing who Annabelle’s husband was. I was back and forth. Forth and back. And just when I thought Beatriz had dropped a clue for readers- I was once again surprised. LOVED it.
  • The comments that Pepper makes. Pepper’s feisty. 2 thumbs up.


I could actually go on and on- but I want you, the reader, to find out your own reasons to love Pepper, Annabelle and Beatriz.

Bottom line: Buy this book. But be sure to read the previous ones in the series. While technically each book can stand alone- things are revealed about previous books if you read them out of order.


*This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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36 thoughts on “Along The Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams

  1. JenniferC says:

    I’m reading The Secret Life of Violet Grant now and cannot wait to keep reading more about the Schuyler sisters. So good! Loved your review!

  2. Hi T, I can hardly wait to read Along the Infinite Sea, which I have ordered! I funny thing, while I love this book instantly from the cover (its a beautiful piece of art) I was immediately drawn and surprised to read the review and find that its about the Schuyler sisters….I am also a Schuyler, it is my middle maiden name!!! Its not an every day name so am curious to read, and also find out more. I will look for the previous books and want to read them also.. Know I am going to love this book!!

  3. Wow…what a fantastic review.

    You definitely know how to write a clever, interesting post that pulls a reader in.

    I read this book already and loved it, but if I hadn’t read it, I would have run out and immediately bought it after reading your post. πŸ™‚

    All of Ms. Williams’ books are so good.

    Thanks for sharing and making readers aware of this great title.

    Silver’s Reviews

  4. I have it ordered (since I didn’t win your giveaway… I need to read Tiny Little Thing so I can keep them in order. I adore her writing, and can’t wait for her collaboration book in January, and whatever comes next.

    • LOL- I was hoping you had ordered it since you didn’t win. I was sending out good vibes for you! Her next book, after the Jan one, is coming out in the summer 2016. I forget the name- but it’s available for request via EW (although I have not been approved yet)

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