Happy Halloween from Traveling With T!

have a bookish halloween from traveling with t

Happy Halloween! I hope it’s fun and scary and bookishly wonderful 🙂

I live way far away from everyone- so there will be no trick or treaters to see me- just my 2 black cats (Sir Thomas and Jerry) and my tortoiseshell cat (Callie). I promised them some treats for the night!

My sweet niece will be tricking and treating it up at her other grandmother’s house- so I’m going to miss my caped crime fighter buddy!

However, here we are in all of our glorious Batman attire:

batman and batgirl

Batman and Robin, move over. There is a new dynamic duo in town- and it’s us! 🙂


What will you be doing for Halloween? 🙂


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Traveling With T!

  1. Happy Halloween! Love the costumes! Cute picture! Trick or treating where I live was Thursday night…saw so many storm troopers, ghosts, superheroes, minions, and princesses out and about! 🎃

    I will probably curl up with a spooktackular book and read!

  2. I know almost nothing about Halloween – only that my two children are dressed up, one as a pumpkin and the baby of three months in a suit with a skeleton painted on it!!!! they look cute and they’ve collected lots of sweets which has made them happy!

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