Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford

Everybody rise

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Everybody Rise

Evelyn Beegan is a girl that has some of the right connections- she knows people with old money, she knows the lingo- and yet,she doesn’t pass the muster to be considered “old money”.

At first glance, this does not seem to bother Evelyn that much. It does bother her mother greatly- her mother lets her know over and over that this is the way- become friends with the “old money” people and life will be set.

In Evelyn’s new job, recruiting people for a social media group called People Like Us (think Myspace/Facebook for the incredibly elite), Evelyn starts using her connections to the “old money” people to become part of the group. In doing so, she lands her whale. Her Moby Dick. The cream of the crop. Camilla Rutherford- a woman that is photographed for all society pages.

Evelyn, as she becomes friends with Camilla, begins to feel like she’s fitting in. Then she begins to understand why her mother has wanted her to be part of this type of group- it’s a heady experience.

But can it last?

Evelyn begins to find out that fitting in, being part of the incredibly elite- comes with consequences. And that some day the bill comes due.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

So, a couple of things before I really get into my thoughts. If you liked PREP by Curtis Sittenfield- then this is probably going to be your book, However, I abandoned PREP during Lee’s junior year because I could not take any more of that girl and her stories/thoughts/etc- so I may not be the most fair person to talk about EVERYBODY RISE. Secondly, this is a huge book (publicity wise). Is the hype deserved? Let’s see…..

My mom has a habit of asking me what I’m reading lately and letting me ramble on for a few minutes about the books- my thoughts and such. When she asked me to sum up the plot of EVERYBODY RISE, I told her “A girl who seems to care less about actually being society and old-money, truly just seems to want to be accepted by these people. A mom who would give her eye-teeth for her daughter to be in this elite group.”

Around 125 pages or so- I gave up. I put the book down. I labeled it PREP 2 and said “No more.”

Then, fate intervened.

I had run out of actual ARC’s to read at the pool. I only had finished copies and my Kindle (and with my recent dropping a book in the pool incident- well, I wasn’t going to tempt that to happen again!) So, I grudgingly picked EVERYBODY RISE up again and started reading.

And it got better. I really feel the first 125-150 pages were just a long way of setting the scene for future parts of the book- because around page 150, I actually was a lot more interested in what was happening to Evelyn (even though I didn’t really like Evelyn).

Say what?

Nope. Didn’t like a character in the book really. First Evelyn was too busy seemingly apologizing to everyone for her existence, then she got accepted and became so Queen Bee-ish, and then, her fall from grace- well that was when I began to see a glimmer of a character that I could like.

EVERYBODY RISE has a THE NANNY DIARIES/EVERYBODY WORTH KNOWING feel to me (with a less fun fiction feel). EVERYBODY RISE is a book I can imagine college classes reading for a dissection of social cues, etc as part of a social studies/sociology type class.

For me, the book will be a cautious “overall, I liked it”. I think once I got past the slow start and more to the meat of the book-it picked up. Fans of PREP will probably love EVERYBODY RISE. In the end, I’m glad I did actually finish it, instead of marking it as DNF- but it won’t be a book that I badger my library about ordering or tell my friends “You gotta read this!”


*This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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14 thoughts on “Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford

  1. Ha – I abandoned this one as well despite being sucked in by the hype. And – then Tara from Running N Reading told me it got better and she actually ended up liking it. I still haven’t picked it back up and probably won’t (I’ve just mentally moved on), but interested to hear that it got better from you too!

    • If I hadn’t needed it for the pool, I would have mentally moved on as well. It’s got some good points and it does get better- but it’s a def a you either LOVE or feel MEH about it.

  2. ondbookshelf says:

    I’m about halfway through this one. I definitely didn’t dislike the beginning as much as you, but overall it’s not anything that I would rave about. It’s not so much the plot, but the writing style just doesn’t seem to flow for me. I’m curious to see if I change my mind about this one during the second half.

  3. I’ve noticed the book getting a lot of publicity and based on your review, I think I’m glad I resisted. I can go for an unlikable character if they’re relatable, but it sounds as though you didn’t connect to this character for most of the story.

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