Julianna Baggott shares her Top 5 Creativity Quotes!

Julianna Baggott's top 5


Hello lovely folks! Today, I have Julianna Baggott on the blog talking about her top 5 creativity quotes! I’ve read them and I just did a little squee of excitement when I read them. Perfection!

Julianna’s new book will be out in stores tomorrow (8/18)  and if you check out Traveling With T’s Facebook page- you can see that HARRIET WOLF’S SEVENTH BOOK OF WONDERS and I hit the town the other day for a night of drinks and fun!

Get ready to get inspired by Julianna’s fav quotes!

Five Favorite Creativity Quotes that Are Good for Everybody


Although I chose these quotes because they engage me as a writer, they also speak to me in my everyday life. I’ll explain why


“Chance furnishes me with what I need. I’m like a man who stumbles along; my foot strikes something. I bend over and it is exactly what I need.” James Joyce

There’s something about allowing yourself to look at the world around you, allow yourself to be distracted, to stop — mid-course — and examine what’s just been offered. The details that fly past us all day long are worth stopping for and looking at more closely. You might just find what you didn’t know you needed.


“To gaze is to think.” Dali

This concept feels more urgent to me than ever. My fear is that we spend our idle time staring at screens, flipping through Facebook, and our minds never quite have the downtime necessary to stare out a window and daydream and therefore to create and invent.


“Any story told twice is fiction.” Grace Paley

I believe in the power of story to transform us, but I also believe that we transform story, that memory is an act of imagination and that we each create our own realities. This is a persistence them in HARRIET WOLF’S 7TH BOOK OF WONDERS, and it’s something we don’t talk about enough with our kids, that truth is an individual experience.


“Memory is a net.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

I love the idea that much of experience has been edited by memory and that what’s left — what’s in the net as we draw it up to the surface — holds a lot of power and is worth examining.


“I’m happy when the revisions are big. I’m not speaking of stylistic revisions, but of revisions in my own understanding.” Saul Bellow

This feels like perfect writerly advice that can also be applied to life. We have to keep open to the larger revisions to our way of understanding our experience, understanding each other and ourselves or else we’re just grooming and styling and can grow stagnant on a deeper level.


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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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