Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll


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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Luckiest Girl Alive

Meet Ani. She’s obsessed with perfection and status. She has a vision for her life- and so help anyone who might get in her way. With the perfect fiancée secured, a dangle of THE job she wants in her face, and a wardrobe that would make most supremely fashion conscious women weep with jealousy- Ani is going places and she’s not afraid to tell anyone about it.

Being a former student at Bradley School gives people who meet Ani a certain level of recognition. The school is known for many things- it’s prestige being the most known. There is a another thing the school is known for and when Ani is called to take part in a documentary- she is ready and willing to show the people she knew in her past how far she has come.

Why is Ani so desperate for this? After all, she’s gotten everything she wants.

Meet TifAni- the Ani at 14 years old. TifAni is a girl who is smart and trying to fit in at her new school. A girl that does not know all the rules- and has to learn things on the fly. Some things, though, shouldn’t have to be learned- and TifAni finds this out the hard way.

Alternating in voices between Ani and TifAni- the readers of the LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE are treated to a tale of high school and the desperate desire to find your place in the world after high school.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

So- a little backstory. I have been obsessively reading Bedroom Blog at Cosmopolitan forever and during some regime changes- it was moved to a blog called Love Sex Pizza and Jess Knoll was writing it. During this time, I knew she was working on a book and so when she ended the story of Josie, I was disappointed till I found out she would be writing a new blog story- the character of Elizabeth. (You just have to go read her Elizabeth stories- they are fabulous.)

When I FINALLY put it together that my fav blog to read was actually the author of LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE I jumped on Netgalley, requested and held my breath till I was approved!

And wowza. Like wowza.

Listen, I LOVE me some GONE GIRL. Amy is a character all on her own who rocks in a million ways. So the comparison to GONE GIRL might have made me nervous- except I knew, by reading the Elizabeth story, that Jess Knoll could go places with her fiction- twist the knife, cause you to gasp. And she did. Ani Fanelli is not a character that will be easy to forget.

Jess alternates the story- showing us the grownup Ani who is basically bitchy and needs to eat some food. And she’s so easy to not like in a way, but then you just have to know that this girl has layers. And layered she is. There are times you want to cry/hug or pinch/feed Ani/TifAni- and Jess Knoll walks that balance very well between the layers and sides of the personality.

There were times I wanted to scream: ” I just want to know ALL the secrets!” There were paragraphs I had to re-read to make sure I was fully focused and knowing because you could tell that big things were about to happen. Is it perfect? No, not perfect. Sometimes I would be reading and I wasn’t bored- but all the pieces hadn’t clicked together just right and I was trying to figure things out and it was just not happening. This is a book that you just have to go with!

Bottom line: There are some twists that you may see coming. There are things about this book that will hit you upside the head. But, do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy- it’s def worth a read!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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