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With Mother’s Day fast approaching- you might be thinking of things to give your mom. And while any gift from the heart is nice- there are some that are so sweet, they make Mom cry with happiness.

In a collection of letters from celebrities such as Mariel Hemingway, Melissa Rivers, Shania Twain and many others, Lisa Erspamer has created a collection of letters from these celebrities about their intimate relationships with their mothers.

Thanks to Sarah @ Wunderkind PR, Traveling With T has 1 copy to give to a lucky reader!

A teaser from the press release:

“You inspire me to be a better mother, and I have often said it was you who taught me to be ‘grateful and graceful’ – which are words that I truly live by to this day…”
— MOLLY SIMS, Mother, Model, Actress

“Like most mothers and daughters, we’ve had our ‘moments.’ But there is no one that I trust, and appreciate, more than you. You are always the first person that I call in times of need but also in times of triumph.”
— LISA LING, Mother, Journalist, Writer

“Thank you my Dearest, Darling Mum, for your vibrance, for your beauty, for the way you glided like a swan when you entered any room.”

“I loved entertaining you. You were the best audience ever. Those times I did skits for you while you lay sick in bed were the times that made me believe I could be a performer, that I could make people laugh and cry because you could see me. Now when I laugh and play I do it in honor of you.
—MARIEL HEMINGWAY, Mother, Author, Actress

A letter to my mom

Photo Credit: Random House

Want to know more about A LETTER TO MY MOM? Visit the website for more info!

And now for the giveaway!


Win 1 copy of A LETTER TO MY MOM (US only). Check the Rafflecopter for more details.

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