Interview & Giveaway with Sujata Massey, author of The Kizuna Coast

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Today, I have Sujata Massey here to talk about her new book, THE KIZUNA COAST and to give the readers of Traveling With T a giveaway!


Interview with Sujata Massey

Let’s talk writing space. What is your space like?

I live in a late 19th century shingle style cottage with a third floor that has many small rooms with sloped ceilings. I turned one of these rooms into my writing room.  I have a desk there, books all around me, and posters for my past books on the walls. All the bulky, non-cute things  like mailing envelopes and folders are hidden in built-in cupboard my husband designed to hide the air conditioning vents. I am super thrilled with this space and find it very centering to write in.


Do you have any #literaryconfessions?

I love women’s fiction by the British author Katie Fforde. It’s heavy on food, gardens, and old houses with a touch of sweet romance thrown in.I also love to read cookbooks and culinary memoirs by the late writers Elizabeth David, M.K. Fisher and Laurie Colwin. Their narratives celebrate both eating at home and eating abroad. I’m happy to be transported either place.


 #literarycrush- do you have one?

Wow, this is a good one. Right now I’m crushing on PG Wodehouse, a humorous British writer who was so popular in the early 20th century and wrote about young English aristocrats muddling through life.The famous humorist, who was eventually knighted, has been deceased for many years, but his publisher has created a wonderful, informative website for his fans



Photo Credit: Provided by Author

Summary from Goodreads:

When an earthquake triggers a tsunami that floods Japan’s northeast coast, amateur sleuth Rei Shimura is pushed into her most rugged adventure yet.

It starts with an SOS from Rei’s beloved elderly friend, the antiques dealer Mr. Ishida, who’s trapped among thousands on the ravaged Tohoku coast. Rei rushes from Hawaii to blacked-out Tokyo, where she discovers Ishida Antiques may have been burglarized and its cuddly watchdog, Hachiko, needs a caregiver.

Rei and Hachiko board a bus full of disaster volunteers headed to the damaged town of Sugihama. Once there, they learn about the disappearance during the tsunami of Mr. Ishida’s antiques apprentice, Mayumi, a troubled young woman from a famous lacquer-making family.

Making use of her volunteer friends, as well as her knowledge of Japanese manners and antiques, Rei investigates Mayumi’s suspicious disappearance. Complicating the situation is a police force overwhelmed by counting the dead, and a stalker who’s set his or her own sights on Rei.



Sujata is kindly giving away 2 e-books of The Kizuna Coast to readers of Traveling With T. Check the Rafflecopter link for more info!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*Sujata is also kindly donating all e-book proceeds from THE KINZU COAST during the month of March to the survivors of the 2011 tsunami in Japan, the inspiration for this book.

Follow Sujata: Facebook, Twitter and website (where the purchase links for THE KINZU COAST are located).


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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