Interview with Amy Scheibe, A Fireproof Home for the Bride (plus ARC Giveaway)

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Today, I have the lovely Amy Scheibe, author of A FIREPROOF HOME FOR THE BRIDE, here at Traveling With T. Amy’s smart as a fox publicist, Angelique, contacted me about review/giveaway/interview options- and after reading the synopsis- I knew this would be a good book. The problem? I just wasn’t sure when I could get you, my readers, the review of this book. So, Angelique let me interview Amy and offered up 1 ARC of the book for giveaway.

So, everyone is a winner- you get to “meet” Amy and her book and I get to play a role in making that happen! Win/win! *throws glitter EVERYWHERE!*

Interview with Amy

Q: A FIREPROOF HOME FOR THE BRIDE’s synopsis indicates that this book will tackle some tough subjects: family, religion, racism. How did this book come about in your mind?

A: Initially, I wanted to tell a story about a woman looking back on her much younger self, and reflecting on a life-altering event. This required going back in time with her, and researching the 50s—talking to people who also grew up then, looking through archives, watching movies and reading books from the period. I was surprised to find many hot-button issues that echo much of what we are still struggling with today. From there, different aspects of the plot developed and I wove them together to create the finished story. I’ve been told that it’s “jam packed” which I think is a compliment, considering that the best kind of life is the most complicated.


Q: Your first book WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY was Amazon #1 Women’s Fiction Pick for 2005. It also drew comparisons to I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT. How was writing your first book different from writing A FIREPROOF HOME FOR THE BRIDE?

A: It was so completely different! I wrote the first novel in a feverish response to I Don’t Know How She Does It, because I was a new mother and I knew that she “doesn’t do it at all.” I wanted to portray motherhood as messy, with as many different voices and choices as I could cram into a humorous book. It was fun to write, and I only had one baby, so the writing happened really quickly. FIREPROOF required quite a lot of research before I could even attempt a draft, and then countless redrafts and delays due to other writing projects I needed to take on in order to pay the bills. Plus I had another child! In all, from conception to your hands, it took me eight years to create. A far longer gestation period than any animal should be made to suffer.


Q: What is your writing process like? Coffee shop? At home? Whenever you can?

A: My writing process is tortured. Some days I can write just fine at home, at my desk. Other days I need the constant noise of a coffee shop. Then there are times when I just have to write wherever I happen to find myself—the final draft of Fireproof was worked on poolside in Vegas during my brother’s 50th birthday weekend, for instance. I’m probably lucky that I can force myself to write anywhere—a skill that was honed by doing my homework on the hour-long school bus ride when I was a kid. Right now I’m three levels below ground in a college basement lounge while my kids are at swim practice. In another hour I’ll be sitting outside of a tap dancing class. Tomorrow I’ll be on a plane.


Q: What are your thoughts on social media and authors? Are authors using social media to their advantage to gain fans?

A: I think some of us treat social media as a fake job—a place where we “have to build an audience”—when what we really should be doing is writing our novels. That said, I love that social media has opened up a way for readers and writers to communicate. Who doesn’t want to tell Stephen King that he scared the daylights out of them in high school? What writer doesn’t want to hear that their writing made someone’s soul soar? I don’t even mind the less than positive stuff. I haven’t loved every book, so I shouldn’t expect everyone to love mine. And some of the critiques are quite right!


Q: What’s next Amy? Book tour? More writing? Taking a break?

A: Book tour first. I’m going to the Midwest in March and then the West Coast in April. I have already started the research for the next book, and need to get to the writing. This past year has been my “break” in that I’ve been focused on developing my social media (see above).

A fireproof home for the bride

Photo Credit: St. Martin’s Press- 3/10




Thanks to St. Martin’s Publishing, Traveling With T has 1 ARC of A FIREPROOF HOME FOR THE BRIDE. The giveaway is open to US only. For more info, check the Rafflecopter link:


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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Amy Scheibe, A Fireproof Home for the Bride (plus ARC Giveaway)

  1. Kimberly V says:

    I am so excited to learn that Amy Scheibe has another book coming out. What Do You Do All Day? resonated so strongly with me that I still think about it often.

  2. ondbookshelf says:

    This looks really good. I love reading about that time period. I was born in the late 50’s, so a lot of the issues were still going strong during my childhood.

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