Book Talk with R & T: A recap of the CLOSE TO DESTINY Twitter chat

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You know all this week we (Rhiannon at Ivory Owl Reviews and I) have been talking about Adria Cimino’s latest, CLOSE TO DESTINY. Yesterday, we had a Twitter chat with Adria about her book, CLOSE TO DESTINY.

Now, with many things to consider- such as timing the chat to hit the US/Parisian folks just right- it can be  hard to find that sweet spot. Luckily, thanks to a frosty cool book buddy (the too cool Alison Law) I discovered a service called Storify. It allows me to make a transcript of the chat for your reading pleasure later on. I’m still a newbie on it- but am in love with it.

So, you missed the chat- don’t worry: Read Looking Back: Close to Destiny Twitter chat and you’ll be all caught up!

And… in case you have been DYING to know who Rhiannon has picked for the movie cast (that girl has a talent, I’m telling you!) she has revealed her list of choices at Close to Destiny Movie Cast!


Close to Destiny cover

Photo Credit: Velvet Morning Press



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

Book Talk With R and T

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