Close to Destiny by Adria Cimino

Close to Destiny cover

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Close to Destiny

Summary from Goodreads:

Does déjà vu have a deeper meaning?

A puzzling gift from a stranger in a hat shop. Whisperings and footsteps in a dim luxury hotel. Dreams that transport to elegant parties where champagne flows like water. Kat is both frightened and intrigued by the events that have plagued her since she arrived in London, in a final effort to save herself from anorexia and recover from her latest suicide attempt.

Most disturbing is an encounter with a mysterious woman who introduces Kat to Will. And this lovely messenger has information she desperately wants to share with Kat: an incident from more than a century ago that could transform Kat’s future. But will Kat listen?

A story of the role of destiny in life… and of righting the wrongs of the past.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

When Rhiannon and I sat down discussing which book to feature next- CLOSE TO DESTINY came up a few times because I had recently had the pleasure of hosting the CLOSE TO DESTINY cover reveal and excerpt. We discussed this book- and while I don’t think either of us actually used the term magical realism, it’s a theme that we enjoy (not all the time- but from time to time).

Having read the excerpt already as I was preparing the post, I had many questions. Why was Katherine in a nightgown when everyone else was dressed up? Why was Destiny so intent on Katherine being with Will? Why was Sam so intent on Katherine heading back to New York?

As I began reading, sometimes I would be confused. Katherine was having these moments- and at first she danced around admitting what was wrong with her- but I had suspicions. At times, it was almost like Katherine was having a breakdown between reality and dream-world- and I worried about where Adria might be taking us. But the chapters were so quick, the writing flowing, that I found myself flying through the book- finding out the answers, finding myself enjoying the way that Adria’s words just made me see the pictures she was creating: the hotel, the ballroom, New York, London and much more.

The parties that Adria described, the way that Destiny acted at times- I was picking up a Great Gatsby-ish feel and I found myself day-dreaming about the potential fun of the movie cast this book could make!

Bottom line: This book is so interesting- the way the setting is, the characters, how the chapters are set up. Are you looking for a quick read? Maybe something that doesn’t fit into a neat category (it’s not completely women’s fiction, it’s not completely magical realism- one might even say there is a slight paranormal theme)- look no further: CLOSE TO DESTINY might just be the book you are looking for.


*This book was sent to Traveling With T by the author. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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2 thoughts on “Close to Destiny by Adria Cimino

  1. Thanks for reviewing my novel, Tamara! You are right that it does indeed cross a few genres…And I wanted to create a dreamlike experience for the reader, yet keep things moving quickly as I do in most of my writing. Glad you enjoyed it!

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