{Author Spotlight} Anne Montgomery, author of The Magician

author spotlight

Today I have Anne Montgomery, author of THE MAGICIAN, here today to answer a few questions.

What questions will she be answering? I’m so glad you asked! Right this way folks to find out!

Author Spotlight with Anne Montgomery

If you could choose to be a character in a book- who would you choose? 

I would like to be a female version of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt. If I won the lottery and didn’t have to worry about paying my mortgage, I’d go back to college and become an archeologist. Like Pitt, I’m a scuba diver and the thought of investigating under water ancient sites and wrecks in far-off locales fascinates me.

If you were not an author, what would you like to be? 

I have already worked in a number of professions, as well as a series of jobs. I’ve served as a maid – everyone should have the experience of cleaning someone else’s toilet – a waitress and bartender, a cutter in a press clipping bureau, a TV sportscaster, at both the local and national levels, and a newspaper and magazine reporter and feature writer. I have officiated amateur football, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, and basketball over the last 36 years and am currently a high school football referee and crew chief. I’ve been a high school teacher for the past 15 years. I’m certified in history and am a reading specialist, but I primarily teach journalism. As I stated above, I’d love to add archeologist to the list.

Do you have any #literaryconfessions?  

I have struggled with many of the older classics, those with lengthy and flowery prose and endless pages of detail. I’m a bit dyslexic and did not read as a child. When I have tried to go back and read the books all those literary folks expect us to know about, I sometimes get that deer in headlights-look.

Do you have a #literarycrush?


Again, I’ll have to cite Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt – underwater archeologist. He’s tall, green-eyed, dark haired, knows his way around a buoyance control device, is smart, and well, hot. Just sayin’.


What is your favorite song?

Geez! That’s impossible to answer. I enjoy many music genres and I sing and play the guitar. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I know the words to way too many Broadway show tunes. So let’s just say I like lots of songs.


Do you have any guilty pleasures?  

Netflix. The greatest thing ever invented. Pair it with a glass of wine and some chocolate and I’m a happy girl.

Are you a hardback, paperback, or e-book kind of reader?

I was a hardback girl forever. Then I got a Kindle Fire as a gift. You can’t beat being able to buy a book in seconds and never having to worry about where your source of light is coming from.


What are some of the books in your TBR (To Be Read) list?


The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant


Now that you have found out a bit about Anne, here is the info about her book- THE MAGICIAN.


Photo Credit: Musa Publishing

Summary from Musa Publishing:

The past and present collide when a tenacious reporter seeks information on an eleventh century magician…and uncovers more than she bargained for.

In 1939, archeologists uncovered a tomb at the Northern Arizona site called Ridge Ruin. The man, bedecked in fine turquoise jewelry and intricate bead work, was surrounded by wooden swords with handles carved into animal hooves and human hands. The Hopi workers stepped back from the grave, knowing what the Moochiwimi sticks meant. This man, buried nine hundred years earlier, was a magician.

Former television journalist Kate Butler hangs on to her investigative reporting career by writing freelance magazine articles. Her research on The Magician shows he bore some European facial characteristics and physical qualities that made him different from the people who buried him. Her quest to discover The Magician’s origin carries her back to a time when the high desert world was shattered by the birth of a volcano and into the present-day dangers of archeological looting where black market sales of antiquities can lead to murder.

Find Anne: Facebook


Anne has generously allowed for 1 e-book version of THE MAGICIAN to be given away. Check the Rafflecopter link for more info:

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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