Author Q&A with Robyn Carr, author of ONE WISH (plus giveaway!)


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Hello lovely readers! Today at Traveling With T is an Author Q&A with Robyn Carr and then a giveaway of her latest Thunder Point book, ONE WISH. This isn’t my first Thunder Point book, but I’m still relatively new to the series- and find myself still picking through the pieces of the storylines that makes Thunder Point the town it is.

Author Q & A with Robyn Carr

Q: With your new trilogy that’s coming out in 2015—One Wish, A New Hope, and Wildest Dreams—you are taking readers back to Thunder Point, Oregon. One Wish is the 6th book in the series. What would you tell someone who is coming to Thunder Point for the first time? What do you want them to know about the town before they jump into One Wish? Because after all, even though this is a series, the brilliant thing is that you don’t have to read them in order. You really can just jump in and fall in love with any book.

A:  One Wish is the 7th book in the series.  Thunder Point is a small coastal town, an uncomplicated group of villagers who have known each other forever.  And while each of them is working hard to make a living they are not ignorant of their neighbors’ needs or troubles and they’re welcoming to newcomers.  It’s a simple place sitting on a sometimes harsh coastline.  Once a person becomes a part of this community they have found a family of friends and they have to stay in balance with the town.  There’s a lot of give and take going on.  Both the giving and the taking is going to feel good.


 Q: We love the new book titles. How do you come up with your book titles? Do you have an idea before you start writing or is it one of the last things you do after your manuscript is done and ready to be turned into your publisher?

A: All of the above.  Sometimes I have a title I love first, sometimes that title never makes it after the book is done, sometimes the titles are decided on very early in the game, before the novel writing is even finished.  All this being said, the title can be so important in one type of book, rather generic in another.   For example, Never Too Late is women’s fiction and the theme of the book is that it’s never too late to start over, to start anew.  The title and cover should illustrate this.  It should also be clear it’s not a part of a series.  On the other hand, A New Hope—A Thunder Point Novel should do two things.  The most important thing is to identify it as part of the Thunder Point series and the second, identify a story arc – a new hope will arise for characters in the story.


Q: One Wish is about Grace Dillon, a champion figure skater who is hiding her identity. The skating scenes are fantastic—as are the flashbacks of her life when she was still competing. How did you research the world of competitive figure skating?

A: There is so much literature available on competitive figure skating I found I was almost drowning in it, right down to the actual skating moves!  But in addition to reading, watching videos and studying the figure skating configurations, I interviewed the mother of a young figure skater.  That’s where I was able to really get into the guts of the matter – how challenging the life of a contender can be, how expensive and difficult and exhausting.  These young skaters have to be driven!


 Q: Grace has a complicated relationship with her mother and has to come to terms with her past in order to have move forward and have her in her life. (We don’t want to spoil anything by saying more!) How is it different to write about a mother-daughter relationship than a friendship or even a romantic relationship?

A:  Oh my, I’ve done it before.  Mother-daughter relationships are fraught with emotion, with control issues, with jockeying for position in the family, power struggles galore – and also with fierce loyalty, deep love, friendship and feuds – the relationships are as individual as the women involved – deeply personal, intense and complex.  There is a saying, a son is a son until he takes a wife but a daughter is a daughter all your life.  Mother’s and daughters – how many books have been written about that unique and beautiful relationship?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Since my books are read by mostly women and all women have mothers and many are mothers, I wanted to plumb the depths of one complex and meaningful “couple.”   I love the way they cha-cha through the story.  Talk about two pig headed women!



Want to win ONE WISH? The giveaway, thanks to the folks at Little Bird Publicity, is open to continental US only (sorry Hawaii and Alaska) Check the Rafflecopter link for more info.

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