A Month of Faves { T’s Winter Survival Kit}

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We’ve been talking about many things for A Month of Faves- mostly bookish- but today is all about winter survival. I live in the South where we do have cold weather- but nothing like many states. I have to recall a comment that Wesley at Library Educated said regarding a post of mine about the temp being 19 degrees for a few days this past February. She was all “19 degrees- that’s cute that you think that is REALLY cold!” Of course, for me it was cold- but for Wesley, land of unending snow and where the wind chillΒ gets negative temps- I realize that 19 degrees probably felt like a summer day. But still.. I stand by the fact that it was VERY cold during those days πŸ™‚

But enough about that- I’m sure you are dying to know exactly what T uses inΒ  her winter survival kit! Be sure and link up here- and then check out Estella’s Revenge!

warm blanket

1. Cozy warm blanket. I wrap up in this blanket and sit in my chair and stay all warm and relaxed while I read my book.




2. Yummy smelling candles. When I am at home, wrapped up in my fave blanket- enjoying either a glass of wine or a delicious hot chocolate- 9 times out of 10- a candle will be burning. I’ve been digging these Swan Creek Candles- made with soybeans and INTENSELY fragrant. But sometimes, I want to hear a fire crackling. Enter the Woodwick Candles. Even better- that particular one has these cut outs that shimmer and sparkle as the candle burns. LOVE.


fetch hats


3. Fetch Hats. (Yes, I’m still trying to make fetch happen!) When going out in the cold is unavoidable, I wear a headband wrap.




4. Lip Glosses. I can’t cruise the aisles at drugstores without checking out the lip gloss area (which is a good thing since I misplace more darn lip gloss than anyone I know!) These are just a few current faves (minus my Burt’s Bees Mango since it’s currently AWOL)




5. Lotions. Again, I have a lotion obsession. I keep them in my purse, at my office, by my chair, one in my car- I must have lotion. Especially when it’s cold. My hands crave the comfort that lotion gives me.



There you have it. A few of my winter survival kit things.

It should be noted that while I don’t list any books- books are a MAJOR portion of my winter survival kit. But then they are a major part of my summer, fall, and spring as well πŸ™‚


And now it’s time to LINK UP!



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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31 thoughts on “A Month of Faves { T’s Winter Survival Kit}

    • I LOVE Lotion. I’m mainly a Philosophy girl (if you haven’t ever used that lotion- you MUST try!) BUT, I do like to play around with others- and when that Bath and Body Works is running their big sales- well, it’s hard to resist. Beautiful Day is my current fave- and I love the exfoliating scrub as well!

    • It was like that for a few days (NOT the whole winter- usually it’s 40-50 something degrees!) But yep, that few days, all I wanted to do was hang in my cozy pj’s and NOT do anything but read!

  1. I think lip glosses are fundamental! With all the cold my lips always get burned. I have to support fetch hats! I love everything headwear!! I have one of those which I love, is really cute and keeps my head warm!

  2. Have you found a heavy duty hand lotion that works for really dry, cracked hands?! Mine get so bad in the winter…the cold plus all the extra hand washing to keep away the preschool germs gets mine so dry and cracked that they bleed sometimes! I still haven’t found the perfect lotion.

    • So, like Trish said about Bath and Body Works Look Ma New Hands- that is pretty good. I bought a big bottle last year and it still has lotion! I also like Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter (I have a small tube that I got from Sephora I think) and this is a new to me lotion- but I’m enjoying it- The Naked Bee. I bought it at the drugstore near my house (mine is grapefruit blossom honey scent) BUT they do have it on Amazon, as well.

      I also exfoliate my hands with many things- the 60 second manicure from Bath and Body Works or some Mary Kay stuff that my SIL got me. And then I slather on lotion.

  3. Yesterday a friend told me that she makes it a point to have something red in every room this time of year: a pillow, a plant, a candle, a big red bow. Such a lovely idea!

  4. I had a warm blanket on my list, too! And of course I should have added candles and lotions; what was I thinking? Perhaps we should expand the title to the 15 Must Haves for Winter! πŸ™‚

    • Coming up with 5 was no prob- it was narrowing it down to five that was the big problem! I saw your post yesterday (well yesterday my time!) when it showed up in my Reader. I LOVE that monogrammed cashmere blanket- and think I may be in search of a new and more luxurious blanket for this winter. I’m worth it πŸ˜‰

    • Those are like total staples! MUST haves! I got the pink fetch hat in Gransbury TX- I was in town with a group of ladies I met at Booktopia a couple of years ago. The black hat is from Francessca’s (a store that I enjoy getting accessories at!) Fetch hats make winter better!

  5. melissa says:

    I love ‘fetch’ lol….I love it all! blankets, chap stick, lotion (LOVE lotion!), can’t have enough candles! bath & body works is one of my favorite stores!

      • melissa says:

        Funny, I knew exactly where you got that word! I think we can all relate to that movie. Either we feel we are that way or we know someone like the characters. I’d add make up my favorite list, hair clips (all types) & fun fuzzy slippers.

  6. I’m totally with you for the 1 and the 3. I love anything you can put on your head, even this: http://leschapeauxdecharlotte.blogspot.fr/2010/06/paris-tu-nous-fais-tourner-la-tete.html I’ve tried it on a designer market and even if I don’t like Paris, it was fun and I can wear anything on my head w/o looking ridiculous – of course, for Winter it’s not exactly what I would choose πŸ˜‰

    I’ve focused my post on the things I need at home because, if I had listed ALL the outfits and accessories I need to go out in Winter, one might think I’m living at the North Pole…

    I’ve converted 19Β°F in Β°C and I was all : O_O OMG How people can go out at such a temperature? I’ve nearly put on all my accessories to protect me even if I’m inside πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Normally it’s not that cold. It was one of those weird things- but still.. It made for a miserable few days! And made me know that I was so not cut out for cold weather!

      I LOVE hats! I don’t wear them enough- BUT I LOVE THEM!

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