A Month of Faves: Top 10 New To Me Authors


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Hello folks! Today the #amonthoffaves folks will be linking up with The Broke and Bookish for their weekly Top 10! Today’s Topic is Top 10 New to Me Authors!


Be sure and check out Girlxoxo and Estella’s Revenge for their posts!

Traveling With T’s Top 10 New To Me Authors:

1. Lisa Unger- IN THE BLOOD

Photo Credit: Goodreads


Holy psych thrillers, Batman! SO DARN GOOD.


2. Kristan Higgins- WAITING ON YOU and IN YOUR DREAMS

Where have you and your humor been all my life, Kristan? WHERE?! Kristan shows that romance can be funny and steamy!


3. Linda Francis Lee, THE GLASS KITCHEN

The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee

Photo Credit: Goodreads


Linda has like 20 books out- but I just now discovered her. I’ve got a major backlist to read through!



I heard rumblings amongst the blog-osphere last year about AND WHEN SHE WAS GOOD- but it wasn’t till a chance encounter with a pub that led me to getting AFTER I’M GONE that I found out the genius of Laura.


5. Jayne Ann Krentz, RIVER ROAD

river road

Photo Credit: Goodreads


Jayne has been writing other books for awhile- but this is her first romantic suspense (from my understanding). It was GOOD. And I can’t wait for her next installment- TRUST NO ONE!


7. Jenny Milchman, RUIN FALLS

ruin falls by jenny milchman

Photo Credit: Goodreads


This is Jenny’s second book- and while everyone I knew was raving about her first (COVER OF SNOW), I had not read it. But I made a point to read the 2nd- in fact read it with Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews and LOVED it. Some whack-a-doo characters, enough suspense to keep me guessing, and a chapter that scary music is invented for.


8. Chevy Stevens, THAT NIGHT

That Night by Chevy Stevens

Photo Credit: Goodreads


Mean girls. Prison. A dead sister. Parental disappointment. And secrets.


9. Kristin Hannah, FLY AWAY

Fly Away

Photo Credit: Goodreads


I know, I know, I know- I can’t believe I’ve never read a KH book! But I read this one first- even though it’s the sequel to FIREFLY LANE. Pretty good!


10. Diane Chamberlain, THE SILENT SISTER

The Silent Sister

Photo Credit: Goodreads


While I did guess all the secrets, I was entertained by Diane’s story-telling style.



There is my 10 new to me authors! Let me know yours!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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8 thoughts on “A Month of Faves: Top 10 New To Me Authors

    • I really AIG. And then And When She Was Good was pretty entertaining. For Unger, I LOVED In The Blood. Loved it. I read Fragile next- and was a bit meh on it. I have her latest Crazy Love (I think that’s the title) to review. If you read In The Blood, LMK your thoughts!

  1. That Night is on my TBR list…which is ever growing!! Can we just stop time for a few months so we can catch up on all the great stuff we haven’t gotten to yet without being bombarded with new great stuff?! That is my Christmas wish 🙂

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