Do You Have A Star Wars Fan On Your Holiday Gift Buying List?


Photo Credit: Provided by Wunderkind PR



I don’t know about in your house- but in mine, I have a brother. A brother who I say with much affection is a big ole nerd. He loves Star Wars, Dr.Who, Star Trek and much more (we won’t even begin to discuss Firefly!) So when my contact at Wunderkind PR began talking about some books that had recently been released, I saw this, this book called Star Wars Imperial Handbook Deluxe Edition and I immediately thought of my brother and all the men out there who would probably love a book like this. But, really, I thought of us women- who struggle each year to find the perfect gift for the nerd men in our lives. The men who just say: “Give me some Star Wars stuff. Or a Dr.Who t-shirt. Or a Blu-Ray latest edition with all the special effects re-done.” And you are standing there thinking: “What? Which one? A little help please!”

Here is help. HERE IS HELP. You are welcome.

This book is 160 pages with more than 85 original illustrations by STAR WARS acclaimed artists. Surely, this will please the STAR WARS fan in your life!

Here is the link to 2 places you can buy the book: Amazon and becker&mayer!


Here’s hoping I helped cross 1 thing off your holiday hectic list!



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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