Meeting Lisa Howorth, author of FLYING SHOES

Lisa Howorth shows aspiring writers that age is just a number in the publishing game. How old was Lisa when her first novel was published? 63. FLYING SHOES, Lisa Howorth’s debut novel, was a Deep South Magazine Summer 2014 Reading selection– and she was visitor to TurnRow Books in July 2014. When I saw that Lisa would be signing FLYING SHOES at TurnRow, I made plans to attend for several reasons- one that it was a Deep South Magazine selection, two that I had received a copy of FLYING SHOES at Book Expo American from her publisher Bloomsbury Pub, and three- well it just sounded good!

The name Lisa Howorth might sound familiar to you because Lisa and her husband Richard own Square Books in Oxford, MS. A great bookstore, right on the historic square, Square Books is a must-see if you are in Oxford.

The book FLYING SHOES is based upon Lisa’s stepbrother’s murder in 1966. That murder is still unsolved. However, this is not a true crime/police procedure book- she wanted to talk some about the unsolved murder- but with a fictional feel- FLYING SHOES is more about southern history and race.

Lisa Howorth said during the reading/signing: “It’s a messy novel, but it’s a messy world, right?”

More details about FLYING SHOES:

  • Started writing in late 80’s/early 90’s.
  • Originally began as non-fiction/memoir.
  • 2007 was when Lisa got really serious about writing FLYING SHOES
  • Debut Novel Published at age 63.


Watching Lisa read and talk a bit about her step-brother, you could tell she was getting a bit choked up. When someone in the audience asked about closure, Lisa responded ” Closure is just a word in the dictionary. You get used to it. But mainly- they (her family) want justice.”



Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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