Literary Friday, ya’ll…..

literary friday

Hey folks- it’s Literary Friday! The BEST day of the week!

1. Deep South Magazine and their #LiteraryFriday: 6 Rare Images of Mark Twain, Wiley Cash book signing news, and a link to the joint readalong between Deep South Magazine and Traveling With T about THE SILENT SISTER. Plus MUCH more!

2. Nonfiction November is FAST approaching- and Doing Dewey has some info for you!

3. My Novel Opinion’s Be Our Guest Friday- a feature she is co-hosting with Mom’s Small Victories- is Kimberly Belle, author THE LAST BREATH. Chat with Kimberly November 7th as Deep South Magazine hosts a Twitter chat (I’ll be hanging around co-hosting 🙂

4. Ivory Owl Reviews reviewed SMALL BLESSINGS by Martha Woodroof- and you chat with Martha December 12th via a Deep South Mag Twitter chat!

5. My #FridayReads: WINTER STREET by Elin Hilderbrand. What are you reading?


I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sadly, I am still facing internet problems at my house and have been blogging wherever I could for the past few days. Hopefully it’ll be fixed this weekend! If not, I’ll see you around Monday (posts are already scheduled for the weekend reading!)


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off

6 thoughts on “Literary Friday, ya’ll…..

  1. melissa says:

    Happy Friday to you too! I’m currently reading Some day, Some day, Maybe by Lauren Graham. I hope to read Gone Girl, if I can find it.

    I just looked up Winter Street-it sounds like a good read!

    • Happy Friday, darling! I *Think* if you have an e-reader that Gone Girl is less than 5 bucks. But hopefully your library has a copy- or the nearest book store! So far, Winter Street is good. I’m about 20 pages into it- and it’s just classic Elin Hilderbrand writing! I can’t wait to hear your final thoughts on Someday Someday Maybe- a book that I STILL have not gotten to read!

  2. Thanks for sharing about Nonfiction November! It’s one of my favorite events of the year and I’m excited to be helping to host. I hope your internet woes are worked out soon!

    • You ARE so welcome! I’ll be sharing news about the event for ya’ll 🙂 🙂 My internet woes are still happening for the most part- currently, it’s working- but it’s the first time all weekend 😦

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