Book Talk With R & T: RUIN FALLS Potential Movie Cast

ruin falls movie cast

Ahh, one more day till we get to the spoilers of this Thriller-licious book, RUIN FALLS. Today, though, Rhiannon and I will be chatting about a cast for the movie! You know the drill, before we get to the good stuff- we’re going to give a little shout-out linky love- you can enter the RUIN FALLS giveaway either at Traveling With T or Ivory Owl Reviews. Read about Jenny’s fav female thriller writers in Interview with Jenny Milchman at Traveling With T. And check out my gal, Rhiannon at Ivory Owl Reviews giving Jenny major snaps for writing a thriller in the way it should be written at Ivory Owl Reviews review of RUIN FALLS.

Movie Cast for RUIN FALLS

Normally, as I’m reading- my insides are buzzing with good feelings about the characters- like “ooh, the way this person said that line makes me think of XYZ from that television show/movie.” Or, maybe I’m watching TV and some character just comes into focus and I’m all “THERE! That’s who needs to play XZY in the movie version of said book that I am obsessing (err,,,, reading) currently. So, when I started thinking about RUIN FALLS, I was surprised to say that I’m blocked. Like, as I was reading, I was getting very little “ooh this person” moments. A few days of scouring the internet has helped come up with some possibilities (plus a watching of THE BLIND SIDE where I may have jumped up and screamed “He’s PAUL! He’s PAUL!” )

Liz: At first she’s kind of laid-back and easy-going- though we later find that is not exactly how she wants to be. I’ve been seeing a few ads for THE BEST OF ME, and when I saw Michelle Monaghan, I was intrigued. I could see her playing Liz. However, a viewing of THE HELP on the TV a few days ago gave me an intriguing thought: Ahna O’Reilly who plays Elizabeth in the movie might just have the chops for Liz in RUIN FALLS. She could play that earlier version of Liz- laid-back and easy-going pretty well- but the later version, where Liz begins to figure things out- that is what I’d like to see Ahna sink her teeth in.

Paul: I never really cared for Paul. Like, he just rubbed me the wrong way. So Paul was hard for me, at first, to find someone that kind of fit in with my image. Watched THE BLIND SIDE on ABC Family a couple of Sundays ago- and seeing the coach in that- well, it just kind of hit me- HE would be good. He’s got something that works- but he could also be very multi-layered (which Paul is!) Ray McKinnon could be a good Paul!

Tim: Tim was a #literarycrush in RUIN FALLS. So, I decided that Matthew Goode would be a possibility. He’s easy on eyes and exudes confidence.

The Shoemaker: My darn book is at home and I can’t recall his real name. But, The Shoemaker is good-looking- with something chilling about his personality. Ian Somerhalder is who came to mind for me during an internet search. He’s gorgeous- but I think he could play someone with a chilling personality as well! The Shoemaker wins the #literarycreep award!


So….. tell me what you think if you’ve read the book- and be sure to check out Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews cast!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

Book Talk With R & T

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4 thoughts on “Book Talk With R & T: RUIN FALLS Potential Movie Cast

  1. Hi book girls! I just had to poke my head in here because I was soooo curious about who you’d come up with and how you’d tackle this question. Fascinating picks. (What about Paul Walker for Paul? Is that just ’cause their names are the same and I’m simple that way? 🙂 Anyway, I have a little sneak peek film gossip just for you & your readers. Because you’re special. Let me know whenever you would like me to share!

  2. writerrhiannon says:

    T, your descriptions are so much more detailed than mine! Great job! Also, I think you were confused on the name because Shoemaker is Kurt but his son is Tom which is easy to confuse with Tim. That happened to me anyway. I had to look up Tim/Tom to get their names right. I’m excited to see what Jenny’s sneak peek film gossip is for us and our readers!

    • You are so right- that was where I was getting all confused! And there is a Tom who is bad-ish dude in The Silent Sister (which I was also reading during this time!) Lots of T names were getting me confused! I can’t wait for Jenny to share her film gossip!!!!!!!!

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