Mini-Review: Marked Down For Murder by Josie Belle

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Photo Credit: Goodreads

Traveling With T bought this for her personal reading.

Marked Down For Murder

Summary from Goodreads:

 Between spending Valentine’s Day with her sweetheart, Sam, and shopping upcoming Presidents’ Day sales with the Good Buy Girls, everything is coming up roses and bargains for Maggie Gerber. But when the mother of Maggie’s nemesis comes to town, things stop looking so rosy. Summer’s mom is hoping to set her spoiled daughter up with Sam, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make the match happen.

When Maggie heads to her romantic rival’s house to put a stop to the scheming, she discovers Summer standing over a dead body—holding a weapon. As much as Maggie would love to see Summer get her just desserts, she can’t shake the feeling that the meddling menace is, in fact, innocent. Now Maggie and the Good Buy Girls will have to sort through racks of suspects to find a killer—or Summer will wind up getting a truly raw deal…

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

So, I’m a huge Jenn McKinlay fan- have loved the Cupcake and Library series for ever! But before you say “Hold on T, this is by JOSIE BELLE- not JENN MCKINLAY!” Josie is Jenn’s alias. So, we’ve established that I have mad love for Jenn- and while I do prefer the Cupcake and Library stories a bit more- the Good Buy Girls hit the spot.

What do I like about the Good Buy Girls?

I like how they all stick up for each other. Friends to the end! They are all women of various ages, life experience and they LOVE shopping (but it’s only worth it if they get a good deal!)

What did I think about Marked Down For Murder?

Cute. Fun. Josie takes a character in the past that I have really despised (Summer) and made her human- made it natural for the Good Buy Girls to care about her- even though she’s been an obnoxious pain.

The romance between Sam and Maggie is moving along nicely- even though Maggie does freak out a bit about something. Joanne is about to pop- and the Good Buy Girls are there to make sure she and the baby are in good hands.

Love is in the air- partly because of Valentine’s Day and partly because the Good Buy Girls are in such a good place in their life.

Looking for a fun cozy? Give the Good Buy Girls series a try!


*Traveling With T purchased this for her personal reading collection. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

*Marked Down For Murder was a #FuturisticFriday selection for July- September 2014.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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