Book Talk with R & T: Which Cover of THE FORTUNE HUNTER Is Made Of Win?

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Ahh! Today, Traveling With T is contemplating a very important question- a question about THE FORTUNE HUNTER by Daisy Goodwin. An age old question if you will…..

Which Book Cover Is Made of Win?


what cover is your favorite- The Fortune Hunter

I mean look at them- they both look fabulous (am I right?) But which cover screams “Put me on the bookshelf and show me off?”

Let’s discuss:

The UK cover (the one with the horse)

First, it has a horse- so that’s plus. Because that is a pretty important part of THE FORTUNE HUNTER. The cover shows the estate (and I assume that is where Sisi was to be staying at). The title on the cover is in a good font.

So, this cover is nothing to sneeze at in my opinion.

The other cover, the US cover- though is better, in my opinion. I like the colors- I like how the stars on the cover sparkle. I LOVE how regal Sisi looks on the cover- tall, posture perfect, and radiating a sense of power. I love the background of the cover- the blues and almost blacks mixed and mingling together. Also, my heart beats happily over how the title looks on the darker cover.

So, for me, while both covers have their own charms- the US cover is made of win.

Before I ask you a VERY IMPORTANT question- here are some links for you to give some love to: Ivory Owl Reviews blog review of THE FORTUNE HUNTER and Traveling With T’s review of THE FORTUNE HUNTER!

And don’t forget the giveaway: For the Book Talk with R & T feature, we have 2 copies of THE FORTUNE HUNTER to give to 2 lucky people! Check out Ivory Owl Reviews for the Rafflecopter form!


Now that I’ve told you my thoughts- why don’t you fill me in and let me know which book cover you think is made of win?


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

Book Talk with R and T

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6 thoughts on “Book Talk with R & T: Which Cover of THE FORTUNE HUNTER Is Made Of Win?

  1. writerrhiannon says:

    I like the coloring on the US one as well. What threw me is the title/cover combo. Once you begin the novel, a reader learns that the fortune hunter in question is Bay. But the covers are of Sisi the Empress. I think I would have liked a cover with all three characters in love triangle. Well that’s just my litlle ol’ opinion. Out of the two the blue sparkly one definitely draws my eye more so than the UK/ horse one.

    • I love the coloring on the US one! It looks so lovely on my book shelf 🙂 YES!, I do think that a cover with the 3 of them would have been interesting (and more to the point of the book!) The blue sparkly one def draws my attention more (but I love blue and sparkles!)

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