Conquering the Book Stacks (#CTBS) 2014

conquering the book stacks


So last year, #ctbs was born. A group of us decided for a month that we would not buy new books, we’d try very hard to read only the books we had on the shelves and not give in to the temptation of the new books. As a group, last year- we did pretty good. Our results ranged- from just a few books read to more than 20- but any book off the shelf is a score! Most importantly- none of us perished from the not buying books for a month (even though it was tough at times!)

Since it worked out so great last year- it’s time to start this back up. Some of us have been discussing for months possible time frames of #ctbs, but it’s been hard to come to a consensus simply because everyone has wide and varied schedules. For me, I wanted to post this post the first of June, but due to BEA and the next weekend being out of town- time slipped away. So, thanks to Ivory Owl Reviews mentioning having 2 months of #ctbs- I decided that “why not?” Have the rest of June and all of July- and hopefully, that’ll work nicely.

The Rules:

Truly, there aren’t “rules”. It’s not a contest. It’s just a way for you to focus on reading things on your own shelves and perhaps becoming a bit more mindful of the cruising the bargain book aisle at Barnes and Noble & buying all the books (or wait.. is that just what I do?)

If you want to join in, join in. Just comment and have fun. If you desire to use the button in your post, do link it back to my website– while I did not create it, I did have it specifically made for this event.

You say: “T, I so want to do this. But- XYZ author is coming to town and you are saying to not buy books- only read what is on the shelves”- Ahhh, a major point of discussion from last year. Listen, T understands. Truly. If XYZ author is coming to town and you are dying to meet them and get their book signed- go! Buy the book. It would be rude to not to attend the event!

For the not buying books, use your judgment. Can you wait? Is it an author signing or the daily deal that you have been waiting months for? It’s ok.

Just have fun.

For me, I’ll be posting my game plan soon- and weekly (or bi-weekly) updates. If you have any questions/comments/concerns- just ask!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off

14 thoughts on “Conquering the Book Stacks (#CTBS) 2014

    • Totally fine! I’ll be trying to read MORE from my own shelves, but reading books from the library, books friends loaned to you, etc- is ok. It’s a very laid-back thing. In my original post, from last year (which I provided a link to in today’s post) I suggested even doing a theme- beach books, etc (you don’t have to do that, tho!) I’m so glad you love the idea 🙂 🙂

      • melissa says:

        I read through the blog from last year and think this is a great idea. I am hoping to catch up on my reading this summer. I will read a book from an author, love it and decide I have to read everything they’ve ever written. Then I will want to read everything you blog about, everything posted from She Reads, Good Reads, Harlequin and the library–there’s just so many options to reading!

      • Aww you make me blush! I love that you want to read everything I blog about! SO many options for reading! Did you enter the big She Reads giveaway of the 5 books of summer?! You need to!

  1. I rarely pop by here, but I know our bud Ivory Owl was talking about this. I wish I could choose July, it’s not book purchasing that’s a problem it’s review copies and e galleys I’ve accepted. I think August is going to be my semi catch up month as I’m prepping for Booktopia and I have all the books bought and 3/7 read…yay me!
    While I keep saying no more new titles, I keep being drawn into those shiny new books…it’s an evil cycle.
    Good luck.

  2. Oh, this is a brilliant idea. There are books collecting dust on my e-reader. I don’t want to archive them, but another sparkly new title appears and, well, you know the story.
    I have used this strategy with cookbooks, funny enough, and love discovering new recipes from old books.
    Good luck, everyone!

  3. writerrhiannon says:

    Yay!!!! I’m so happy to be doing this again. I have to catch up on requests from NetGalley from clear back in January. Note to others: wine & NetGalley do NOT mix!!

    • Oh yes! As long as I’m blogging- this #ctbs will happen. Noted- also note that ice cream and Netgalley do not mix as I’ve been on a sugar high during a requesting frenzy!

  4. Suzy says:

    I’m in! My problem is I check out a lot of new hardcovers from the library and buy a lot of paperbacks. Since the ones from the library have to be back in 3 weeks (and can be renewed once for an additional 3 weeks if no one has a hold in it), I end up having to read those. My own book pile gets bigger without me making a dent. I’ve got to come up with a plan to pick and choose library books because I obviously don’t have the time to read like I’d like thanks to my 40 hour job and life. 😦

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