Belles on Wheels at TurnRow Books (Oh what a night!)

Let me set the scene: A big bus, loaded with authors of steamy romance books. Ladies who have spent significant amounts of time on various “best selling” lists. Ladies who have found their niche and have fan bases that are extremely supportive. The bus tagline says: “7 Cities, 10 Authors, 1 Wild Ride” (a very appropriate tagline!

All the authors sitting and hanging out, lovely snacks and drinks to enjoy while we were listening to the authors talk about what it was like to be on best selling lists, what writing steamy scenes is really like, and how they use social media.

As the women sat on the couch and each was introduced- you could tell that amongst these women- there is no competition- they fully support each other and stand shoulder to shoulder! They begin revealing bits about the bus trip (Emma Chase riding a mechanical bull was one of the stories!) and about how much they loved meeting the fans at each place. It was agreed that via social media, they have begun to get to know the fans on a deeper level- so when they meet them in person- it’s like they have known them forever.

I laughed so hard at one point that my champagne was in serious danger of being spilled (which would have been a darn shame) when one of the authors spoke of her husband walking in to tell her something about a basketball game and she was “I’m in the middle of a spanking scene. I can’t listen to you talk about basketball.” I strongly believe that it was Lisa Renee Jones that spoke that gem, though.

And just in case you think that these women who write the steamy books write in the nude (or at least in sexy clothes), when the question was asked- the laughs were so loud. These ladies do not write in the nude or in sexy ensembles- they write in sweat pants, hair all messy. Things such as dinner for husbands and families are not on the radar. Kresley Cole is going to have chocolate all over her yoga pants (chocolate and writing go hand in hand for Kresley!)

All in all, it was a fun and fabulous night- filled with lots of laughs and getting to meet a bunch of authors who have earned their spot in the spotlight by writing books that entertain!

*For more information about the tour, check out Deep South Mag, XOXO After Dark and TurnRow Books.

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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6 thoughts on “Belles on Wheels at TurnRow Books (Oh what a night!)

  1. Wow, this sounds like so much fun! Romance genre or not, I think more book tours should involve champagne with a bunch of wonderful women authors πŸ™‚

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