World Book Night 2014

world book night 2014

You guys!!!!!! It’s the big day.. No, wait I mean THE BIG DAY. It’s World Book Night Day! You might remember how excited I was being picked as a World Book Night giver back at first of 2014- well my excitement has grown!!! I’m all bouncing off the walls excited now!


wbn and bernadette go together like pb and j

Today is the day! Today!!!!

A catch-up:

So, I selected WHERE’D YOU GO BERNADETTE? as my selection. Quirky and fun, I was hoping it would be a book that my people would like. I was a bit nervous (because while handing out books to strangers sounds fun- what if they don’t want the book? What if NO ONE wants the book?)

This was me earlier:

selfie with where'd you go bernadette

Smiling. Happy. Me and Bern hanging. Sad to see her leave, excited that she was going to 20 new people and hopefully enriching their lives!

How did my World Book Night day go? Well, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for the full recap, but I was pleased. Very pleased!

Want to see more pics of Traveling With T hanging with Bernadette? Check out my Facebook page and Instagram!


*Special thanks: TurnRow Books, World Book Night 2014, and everyone who said “yes” to a book!

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

T Traveling With T pic sign off



6 thoughts on “World Book Night 2014

  1. I’m relieved that is over. I had my friend go with me to give out books and it wasn’t so bad and thankfully there were only a small handful of rude turn downs. It made me feel like I was a door to door solicitor. One of the oddest experiences I’ve had – but still very enjoyable.

    • I had a good time, but I did have one rude person. I wish I had a buddy to give out books with- next year I’m hoping to get chosen again (and to have some buddies!)

      Thanks for stopping by to comment! I’m sorry your WBN was not super-fabulous!

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