Throwback Thursday: Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells

divine secrets of yaya sisterhood by rebecca wells

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So, you know at Traveling With T, books are a big focus. Like HUGE focus. I love books. I devour books. Books, books, books.

I was in college when I read THE DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD for the first time. Specifically, it was in the few weeks prior to the movie being released. Since the movie had Sandra Bullock in it, I was def going to watch it (naturally!) But upon seeing the book in my local Wal-Mart, on a whim, I picked it up. And while then I did not know what I was reading was Southern Lit, it started a lifetime of me looking for good books- with characters that were heartfelt and moving, incredibly layered and beyond interesting.

Wait, wait, I can tell you are confused… Wasn’t I always a reader? Yes and no. I have been a reader since I discovered Baby-Sitters Club books, but there have been years where reading was not happening as much. Those were the drought years. I was in these in-between stages of reading, too old for YA, too young for some books- not really interested in some genres. And I did not have the access to the tons of sources I have today at my fingertips to find good books.

So DIVINE was like a beacon of light, a “Hey, here is a good book!” I read it. I devoured it. I LOVED it. I had the mass-market paperback book and I read  it so many times, the book fell apart. Yep, fell completely apart. In fact, when I joined the land of e-readers- it was the first book I bought- so I could have it in e-form forever.

some women

The storyline between Sidda and Vivi was highly relatable to me. Sagas and dramas between mother and daughters usually keep me interested. Even more, the friendships of these women, the Ya-Ya’s- I loved it. I loved how they were still friends, through the bad times, the good times, husbands and more. It was so lovely.

The language, the lyrical writing, the setting.. Each part of the book drew me in, deeper and deeper. I regretted two things after closing the last page- 1. That I did not have the Ya-Ya’s as friends and 2. That I could not hear the lovely accents I imagined in the book.


If you’ve read THE DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD, who was your favorite character? And if you have watched the movie and read the book- which did you like better?

It is life sidda


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells

  1. I love Southern literature and this is definitely a good choice. Sidda is my favorite character but I also greatly appreciated her father’s love and her fiance who help keep her anchored. Oh I wish I had a sisterhood like the ladies in this group. So rare to have such a strong last bonding as these women had from childhood. They are quirky, feisty, and loyal to Vivi. I’ve never seen a movie that was better than the book, but this movie does do a great job of bringing these characters to life.

    I’ve never forgotten the movie scene where Vivi tries to explain to Sidda’s fiance (I believe who’s driven down from NY) about when she “dropped her basket” – a very southern, delicate euphemism for her emotional breakdown.

    Southern Lit is one of my favorite genres! Have you read any of Lee Smith’s work? Kaye Gibbons? Both are NC authors I’ve grown up with. Mother/daughter relationships is a common theme in Gibbon’s work.

    Thank you so much for taking me back to one of my favorite reads 🙂 – Now, I want to rent the movie and watch it again for the umpteenth time! Who knows I may even have it in my collection and have to pull it out and dust it off, lol.

    • Aww! I Love that you love DIVINE! I adore Sidda. I adore the Ya-Ya’s (Oh how I wish I had those ladies in my life!)

      “Dropped my basket” is the PERFECT phrase for what happened to Vivi. PERFECT. It explains it, and it allows Vivi to be a bit theatrical (as we know she likes to be)

      I have not read any books by either of those authors *hangs head in shame*

      Did you watch the movie? I’m going to watch this upcoming weekend (I was out of town this whole past weekend and am exhausted from my vacation!)

  2. I saw your post with the cover of the YaYa book on my bloglovin this morning and had to stop by. I read it when it first came out and my daughter was young. I loved these books, the stories and the characters and was so sad when I finished reading. My daughter read them years later and loved them as much as I did. I think she still has my original copies in her bookshelf. To me, what was so loveable about the characters is that I think we see a little of ourselves in them. I think I’ll have to rent the movie this weekend and watch it all over again!

    • So sweet! I have my original mass market paperback, an e-copy and a trade paperback that I found in the bargain section of B&N (I just love the book!)

      EXACTLY- I totally agree about the characters!

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