“Friending” Authors on Facebook- cool? Or not?

Friending authors

First, I must say that authors are my rock stars. I love reading their work and when I actually get to meet them, well, hello cloud nine!

But…. I want to talk today about “friending” authors on Facebook- and why or why not it may not be so cool. In today’s time, an author has to have SUCH a social media presence- a Facebook Author page, Twitter page, website, Pinterest page, G+ and more. Not all authors create all those pages- but most will definitely have either the Facebook Author page or the Twitter page. On Twitter, it’s so easy- you just start following the author and bam! You know what the author is thinking, what they like to retweet and more!ย  Similar ideas can be said about a Facebook Author page- it allows a bit more interaction between those who “like” the page and the author. Pinterest lets us fans see picture ideas for the new book, possible film character ideas, and other fun things.

But, the actual sending a Facebook friend requestย  to the author- have we crossed a line when we do that? Should authors have 1 place on social media where they can let it all hang out and just be?

My thoughts: For me, I have a Facebook account and I also have a Facebook page for Traveling With T- and that works. Because, while there are some people I meet through bloggy things that I would want to be friends with, there are many more that I would not want seeing my pictures & updates. For me, it’s a “space” thing- when I am on Twitter and my blog Facebook page- it’s all public and I want people to see something- to “like” or to give me a “retweet”.

It is with these kind of thoughts in my head that I wonder if authors feel the same way- if sometimes they want a space of their own.

Bottom line for me: every author page out there that I see and like the author, I’m going to freely give it a “like” (and I encourage you to do the same). But, author’s personal Facebook page, I’m going to let the author “friend” me (and they do- and I always accept and feel jazzed!)


So… What do you think? Do you “friend” authors? Or not? Tell me in the comments!


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10 thoughts on ““Friending” Authors on Facebook- cool? Or not?

  1. melissa says:

    I like reading about new books, book signings, contests and ideas that my favorite authors have-but I agree, they need their personal space.

    • I just know some people who think that just because you’re on Facebook- means you are game for an invite to being their friend. And even with all the privacy things (how you can set up only certain ppl seeing posts, etc- I still would not want just anyone being my FB friend.)
      I mean that’s why authors have the FB author page- so you can get to “know” them. Of course, I’ve had some authors send me a friend request- and I think it’s great when they reach out. But I just don’t feel comfortable sending them a request.

  2. Christine says:

    For most authors, I just “like” their fan page. I’ve only ever friend requested authors in two situations: (1) if the author has invited people on the fan page to send friend requests to his/her personal page, or (2) I’ve had some kind of contact with the author outside of Facebook, like email exchanges, so he/she knows who I am. And even then, I’ll ask if it’s ok first.

    I agree that everyone should have their right to some privacy. Just because this person is a famous author doesn’t mean you’re entitled to know everything about them. I got pretty miffed when I saw someone basically demand to know when an author was going to post pictures of her child. She ignored that comment completely.

    • YES!

      Still, for me, I’ve just let the author send me the request- that way I know they want to be FB friends- they aren’t accepting b/c they feel like they “have to” or anything. I may be completely over-thinking this- but… that’s how my brain works ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And good grief- THAT kind of behavior is so uncool. SMH.

  3. No, no, no, no, no! Ugh. Sorry…this is just a tender spot with me. I hate (I mean really, really, really hate) when authors try to friend me on Facebook. Yeah, it’s happened. As the blogger who reviewed their book they will send me a friend request and try to add me and it just really irks me. I don’t (usually) approve them. I find it invasive of my personal space. SO much of my life revolves around books and reading that my personal page is MY personal page with pictures of my family and my non-book life. I need that space. I would only imagine that authors would feel the same. I mean honestly, would you want every single person whose ever read your book to know what your husband, wife, children, parents, family look like? Where you life? Where you work? What places you visit? Isn’t that a little too intimate? My God…have you (not YOU, T) never read MISERY by Stephen King?!!! Authors should pick it up and give it a read.

    • I love you and the passionate opinions ๐Ÿ™‚
      I totally understand your POV and while I was mostly coming from an author’s potential POV- you make the excellent point of how the book blogger might not want a Facebook friendship with the author for similar reasons!
      Thanks for chiming in!

  4. It’s an interesting double edged sword so to speak. I can’t remember the first author I became personal friends with on facebook. It’s been a while. I do agree I’m not interested in intruding on anyone’s life, nor they mine, but a few things may happen. A friend request can be declined. My relationship with a few authors goes beyond that of author, book blogger or book lover. We’ve shared time beyond that of just speaking of their books, we’ve shared talk of family and more. I find a lot of gray area in this question, as with most things in life. I’m not a strict black and white person.

    • Yes- this question could be considered straight up black and white- and of course there are shades of grey floating around (all depending on your personal relationship with an author). Example- the She Reads ladies- I know we’re both friends with Kim- and we each have a personal friendship with Kim, we know her and all that.
      Yes, a friend request could be denied (I’m sure it is at times). What I wonder about that is, if some authors, especially your newer ones- might be a tad bit reluctant to deny- since they want to have such a positive social media image.

  5. I feel the same way as you ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’s nicer to just like their fan page, unless as you pointed out in your comment to Anita, you actually know the author on a personal level. If that’s not the case, you’re a fan not a friend and should interact online that way.

    • Exactly! And even if I “know” them- I, personally, still like to wait for them to send me the friend request. Because again, while there are many people I really enjoy talking to out their in the world of the internet- I don’t want everyone seeing everything- and my FB page, I share pics of my niece and my family- slices of life that I may briefly discuss on other forms of social media- but not as in depth as I have been known to get on my personal Facebook page. Well said about the difference between a fan and a friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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