Guest Post: Rebecca from Love At First Book talks about her New Year Resolutions

2014 Resolutions via Love at First Book

Hey guys, I’m Rebecca from Love at First Book, and today I am going to share with you some of my 2014 Resolutions. I divided them up into bookish and bloggy, since it just seems to work well that way!

Bookish Resolutions:

Bloggy Resolutions:

  • Redo my About page in January and reread it monthly
  • Start keeping better track of my stats on a monthly basis
  • Become a G+ pro and use the communities more actively
  • Video blog monthly
  • Create bookish craft DIYs 2x per month
  • Grab some more co-hosts for my Spread the Love Linky Party

Hopefully I’ll be just as good with my resolutions as I was last year. In 2013, I accomplished all of my resolutions, which I was kind of surprised about!

Your turn! Share one of your resolutions with me!


25 thoughts on “Guest Post: Rebecca from Love At First Book talks about her New Year Resolutions

  1. Great resolutions, Rebecca! Sounds like it will be a busy but very enjoyable year! My resolution is to make more time for reading rather than letting writing completely take over my life 🙂

  2. What a great goals, Rebecca!
    Those 150 books amaze me, and I love the idea of a monthly video 😀
    Good luck!! (not that you need it, haha)

  3. 150 books is very impressive! I’m aiming for 100 – I think I’ll probably be able to beat that, even if it’s just by a little bit, but I thought I’d rather set too low a goal rather than too high! This year I want to read as widely as I possibly can and maybe try a few that are outside my normal reading comfort zone.

      • Thanks! 🙂 I usually try to read quite widely but towards the end of last year I did get a bit bogged down with supernatural/YA/dystopian type books so I’d like to get back to reading more widely. I can get a bit intimidated by really massive books or heavy hitters like the Man Booker prize books so I’d like to commit to something like that or maybe new genres/styles as well.

  4. Great resolutions! They seem ambitious but do-able 🙂 I’m hoping to post more non-review content on my blog this year, although I haven’t officially written up any resolutions.

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