Interview with David Deutsch, author of Sh*t Falls Up

sh falls up

Photo Credit: Goodreads

Today I have an interview with David Deutsch, author of Sh*t Falls Up– a chick lit book from the male perspective.

1. Sh*t Falls Up is your first published book (Congratulations, by the way!) As a debut author- how are you using social media to connect with the book community? Have you been able to use social media in a positive way to connect with people who have read your book?

One of my favorite things to do it to connect with people that read my book.  Today, we have so many options to connect with fans, readers and authors.  I think Twitter is the most effective way to connect with everyone and anyone.  It allows people to direct message to ask questions about my book, tell me their favorite parts or just to say hi!   People can follow me or message me @gslacks

I also follow publishers, authors and book lovers.  I enjoy hearing about new books, reading reviews, joking around and chatting with other book lovers.

2. Sh*t Falls Up is described as a romantic comedy/chick lit from a male perspective. I have to ask: Why? Many men write books about murders, mysteries, and the like- not so many write a book like this. What compelled you to write this book?

Very funny!  I didn’t start out trying to write a romantic comedy/chick lit book but as I started writing the novel the characters took on a life of their own and before I knew it they were getting into all sorts of funny romantic situations.  In addition, the main character’s life has all the hallmarks of a chick lit story. My novel tells the story of David from a first person point of view with him focused on finding the right job, his soulmate, fame, friendship and all while living in New York City, tackled in a funny way.


3. How are fans of chick lit reacting to your book? Are they enjoying it? 

 My female fans, that traditionally read chick lit, love the book!  I think it is refreshing to see a male character stumble through the same problems that a female lead character typically experiences in a chick lit novel.  There are strong female characters in Sh*t Falls Up that occupy traditional male roles.  So, the main character has his world turned upside down when it comes to love.  I think my female readers enjoy that role reversal.


4. Do you have a writing space? A writing routine?

 Believe it or not I write at my kitchen table.  Usually with my three year old and my five year old running around.  I think I like chaos or there’s something wrong with me!  When I’m writing a book, I try to write a couple of hours a day, editing my prior day’s work first.



5. Do you have a #literaryconfession?   

My #literaryconfession is that I loved the Hunger Games Trilogy!  Most guys my age aren’t bragging about loving a young adult novel series.  Now that I’m saying this out loud, I think I might be in immediate need of some help.



6. Do you have a #literarycrush?

I have a few #literarycrush(es). I’ve got a crush on Katniss Everdeen.  But more like Katniss when she turns a fictional 30.  I also love most of the femme fatales from whatever Elmore Leonard book I happen to be reading.  And I would probably be attracted to Lisbeth Salander, from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, if she didn’t scare me so much!

Summary from Goodreads about Sh*t Falls Up:

One morning, David Michaels awakens at his sister’s studio apartment and ponders how it all went wrong for him. Three weeks earlier, he had a beautiful girlfriend, a fabulous sub-let apartment in Manhattan and a seemingly secure job at a top, New York investment bank. After losing everything, including his hair, all he has now is a place to sleep, albeit on a twin-size mattress that he must inflate every night. However, this is better than his other, only true option – returning for a third time to his parent’s house.

David’s life-long aspiration is to be a writer, and he has notebooks filled with stories and ideas. One story – the only story he has published – won him a prize while in law school. Unlucky at love, his friends set him up with a woman who bases her life on insights gained from reality TV, and he reluctantly (and hilariously) joins an online Jewish dating service. Frustrated with his career choice of law, he happily accepts a job as a lowly sales clerk at a women’s shoe store. When he becomes manager, he decides once and for all to regain control of his life. On a daily basis, he shuts himself in his office, keeps the booze flowing and pounds out a short story on the absurdity of his life.

When his short story suddenly garners high acclaim, he is left again to pondering. Does he settle down with his hot, volatile, socialite girlfriend, who helped him get his story published? Or does he pursue a woman whom he believes is his soul mate, though he can’t stop lying to her?

At times, gut-wrenchingly funny, other times, soulful and touching, Sh*t.Falls.Up. places the reader in the mind of a man who does his best thinking on an inflatable air mattress.(

To connect with David Deutsch, please visit his Twitter page.


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