It’s time to Bloggiesta! List of goals…


It’s time to Bloggiesta! For people who don’t know what Bloggiesta is- it’s 3 days of working on your blog, participating in mini-challenges, networking with other bloggers and just having fun!

Because I’d already planned to do quite a bit of reading this weekend (Bloggiesta totally surprised me this weekend!), my goals are going to be simple-ish; yet important things for my blog.

1. Begin a Review, Interview, Author Spotlight, Book Lovers Unite tab and archive.

2. Update my Goodreads page.

3. Post my Review Policy.

4. I plan to participate in a couple of challenges, as well!

I stay pretty busy with my blog, connecting with readers and friends on Twitter- and yet, lately, I’ve been feeling a need for a shake-up. Bloggiesta may have arrived just in time!

8 thoughts on “It’s time to Bloggiesta! List of goals…

  1. k2reader says:

    Woo Hoo – so glad you decided to participate. I love your goals – simple and yet great additions to the blog. Good luck getting everything done!!!

    • Thanks! I got a basic review policy posted- I may tweak it here and there over time. But I feel pretty good about it. I also posted my interview and author spotlight archive. Did not get to my review archive- which I hate. But, the weekend just flew by with the other things I was doing. I will start working on review archive this week- and hopefully in a week or 2 it’ll be finished.

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