Swanon’s Sleuths Street Team Interview 2: Carrie

swanson street teamA few weeks ago, Denise Swanson approached several of us about our opinions of a Street Team. A Street Team can vary from author to author- but for Denise- we hand out bookmarks, post to Twitter and Facebook, take pictures of our books and chatter excitedly about the new book, Murder of a Stacked Librarian (in stores Sept 3rd!)

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting interviews with some of the members- and spreading the word about Scumble River and Densie Swanson. If you enjoy cozy books, I hope you’ll consider trying out a Scumble River book. If you’ve never read a cozy mystery- now’s the perfect time to try!


Interview with Carrie

1. How did you begin reading Denise Swanson books?

I got addicted to cozies several summers ago.  I think I read Victoria Laurie first, and then because I enjoyed her series so much, I used Amazon to give me suggestions.  I bought Denise’s first book and read it in a few hours and knew I had to have all of the other ones!

2. Do you read other cozy mysteries?

I read LOTS of other cozy series.

3. You are a member of Swanon’s Sleuths (Denise Swanson’s Street Team to help promote her Scumble River books.) Are you a member of other street teams? What do you think of street teams- are they helpful to authors?

I am not a member of any other street team.  I think this a great way to bring exposure to great authors!

4. What is your favorite Denise Swanson mystery?

I absolutely cannot pick a favorite.  Each book has something unforgettable about it.

5. Do you read Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery (Denise Swanson’s other mystery series)? If you do, do you prefer Devereaux’s Dime Store or Scumble River? Or do you like them both?

I have read both Dime Store mysteries and enjoyed them.  Right now I do prefer the Scumble River mysteries I guess because there are so many in that series that it just feels comfortable when I read them.

6. What character in Scumble River would make the BEST best friend forever (BFF)? And why?

I would love to be friends with Skye!  I am a high school English teacher and our lives seem so parallel at times!


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