Meeting Stephanie Evanovich, author of Big Girl Panties

me and stephanie evanovichA few weeks ago, I was checking the book signing schedule at Lemuria Books- and I saw the signing information for Big Girl Panties. With a name like that, I was curious- partly because I’d been reading tons of historical fiction and women’s lit that was good- but not always something light and funny (which I so desperately craved). So I marked it on my calendar and made plans to attend.

I arrive and after buying my book and checking out the aisles, I walk to the signing area. Sitting at the table is this woman with a big smile and a big laugh- and I just knew then that this event would be fun! I was not wrong! As Stephanie and I sat around talking about books, her experience in the publishing world and much more- it was not a feel of author/book blogger-reader, it was more like sitting and talking to a person who was fun and friendly- a person you would like to share a glass of wine with.

As we talked, I asked about if there was a possibility of Big Girl Panties being made into a movie- there is, but according to Stephanie, “it’s step 1 on a path of a million steps”. However, she did have her movie cast picked out: Channing Tatum could play all 4 roles- “because you can never have enough Channing Tatum” 😉 In all seriousness- this is the people that Stephanie would like to see in roles of Logan and Holly: Logan would be played by Channing Tatum and Holly- she likes Melissa McCarthy or Rebel Wilson. When asked if she would rather Holly be played by an unknown actress- Stephanie lit up and said that actually was  a dream of hers- to be able to give a shot to an unknown actress to play the role of Holly would be a dream comes true. Stephanie further explains that for years, she tried to find her big break in acting- but there are not enough roles for women with ample curves-  and casting Holly with an unknown could be a step in the right direction. Plus to help a woman out, to help a woman achieve her dream of acting- that would be great!

While talking, I asked Stephanie if she had a #literarycrush- and she thought for a minute- then said: Bobby Tom Denton, from Heaven Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Stephanie’s #literaryconfession is something else: When she was teen, she found this book by S.E. Hinton titled The Outsiders– in fact, it was the first book she’d ever read. And she loved it- had such a reaction to the book, thought it was such a great book, the characters and everything. Her #literaryconfession, though, is about the author’s name- S.E. Hinton. Stephanie’s initials are S.E. as well- so she used to pretend that S.E. Hinton and her shared the same name- Stephanie Elizabeth!

Stephanie said to me “all I wanted to do is entertain”. She had thought it might be as an actress- but she’s happy now that it’s in a book deal. Stephanie firmly succeeds in that goal in Big Girl Panties– because it is entertaining; with a life lesson or two thrown in the book.

Big Girl Panties is the first of 3 book deal with Harper Publishing- the second book will focus more on the secondary characters of Big Girl Panties, Chase and Amanda. The second book, untitled as of now, should be out in 2014.


*Liked reading about my meeting Stephanie Evanovich? Look for my review of Big Girl Panties this week on Traveling With T!

***Congratulations to Stephanie Evanovich- while we were having dinner that night- she got the news that Big Girl Panties had made it to the NYT list!

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