Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich

big girl panties

Stephanie Evanovich’s debut novel, Big Girl Panties, is a book about judging a book by it’s cover- or more accurately a person by their outward appearance.

Logan Montgomery, a personal fitness trainer with a body of a Greek god,  is on a plane. In coach. Not his usual seat in first class, but he’s just ready to get home. Hoping to have an uneventful plane ride- he is less than pleased when he sees her walking down the aisle. She, who is not well dressed and is amply curvy. She who walks down the aisle with difficulty trying to not bump the aisle seats. Logan hopes that she will not sit by her- but his wish is not granted.

She is Holly Brennan. A widow at the age of 32, taking care of her dying husband has taken a toll on her. She’s always used food for comfort- but even more so in the wake of her husband dying. Holly is now at a size that she never dreamed she would be at- and sitting next to the hunk of physical perfection is creating an awkward feeling of trying to make herself as invisible as possible.

During the plane ride- Holly and Logan do strike up a conversation and Logan decides to help Holly. Turn her from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan. Holly accepts and they begin to meet at Logan’s gym. Holly is determined to lose weight, to do the exercises, and to not fart while doing situps in front of Logan.

As they continue to work out, Holly begins to lose the weight and start to feel better about herself. Logan finds Holly funny and charming- and then one day realizes he likes her.  Logan thought he was going to teach Holly a lesson or two about becoming a beautiful swan. But- it might just work out where Holly becomes the teacher and Logan becomes the student when it comes to love.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I read this book pretty quickly. It’s a romance, it even has a life lesson about not judging a person based on their appearance. Holly has some great 1 liners. There is sex and even talk of a fetish in this book (it’s not just an overwhelming amount- but it is there).  The story line is cute, and it’s nice to see a main character that is not perfect. I enjoyed Big Girl Panties– and feel it’s worth a read.


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