Wednesday Mashup

Wednesday is chock full of good things…..

1. Read it Forward has an article posted On Being a Book Hoarder. It’s funny, smart, and worth reading!

And now- after reading, here’s my book hoarder confession: I love books. I LOVE bargain books. I love going to the store and seeing all the books- laying there all pretty, just waiting to go to lovely homes. I’ve even been known to buy multiple copies of the same book (I’m looking at you Hunger Games- I have it in movie cover paperback, hardback, and Collector’s edition (plus the Kindle version!)

So confess, book hoarders, confess- don’t let my Hunger Games shamefaced moment stand out here alone!

2. Rita Leganski, Holly Goddard Jones, and Anton DiScalfini are 3 of the people who made the Flaherty-Dunnan Prize 2013 Long List.

3. Read Baby Read is giving away The Lake House by Marci Nault!

4. Book-alicous Mama is giving away a copy of Finding Colin Firth!

5. Liz from Chick Lit Is Not Dead is posting about Make New Friends: One is Silver and the Other is Gold. In this she talks about hard it is to make friends in the adult world. I TOTALLY understand this.

6. Bloggers Made of AWESOME: Jaime @ Bookmagnet is featured on my blog today!

7. Author Spotlight with Wendy Francis– learn her #literaryconfessions and #literarycrush

8. Interview With Claire Cook– read for the words she would use to describe her latest book, Time Flies

9. Interview with Wendy Francis (plus a giveaway of Three Good Things!)

10. I’m going to Stephanie Evanovich book signing tonight- so look for pictures from Big Girl Panties book signing soon!

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