Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger by Beth Harbison

chose wringQuinn Barton should be experiencing the happiest day of her life- the day she says “I Do” to her fiancee. Quinn is in her white dress and minutes away from walking down the aisle- or is she? Frank, the best man, her fiancee’s brother, and a friend to her asks to see her alone. Quinn agrees and then Frank tells her news that shakes Quinn to the core- Burke has been cheating on her. Burke, her fiancee, has been cheating on her- Quinn can’t believe it- and yet, part of her wonders.

After delivering the news, Frank gives Quinn time alone. To think. To decide if she’s going to march down the aisle to wedded bliss or not. Quinn makes a decision- she chooses to run off with the best man, Frank.

Years later, Quinn is still single. Works at creating wedding dresses for other people’s wedding bliss. She wonders if she made the right choice- she wonders many things. Burke and Frank’s grandmother comes to her shop to get a wedding dress- she’s getting married and wants Quinn to create her a dream dress. The boys are also back in town- their grandma needs help selling the farm and getting ready for her new married life.

Quinn is shocked to her that Frank and Burke’s grandmother is getting married- but even more shocked t0 find out that the boys will be in town. The last time the 3 of them were together- someone got left at the altar- what will happen now?

Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger is a story of love, of moving on, of finding out what makes you happy. It’s a story that tells readers just because one happy ending did not work out at the time- it doesn’t mean that another one can’t happen.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Cute. Funny. Perfect beach reading. For fans of chick lit- this book will hit the spot.  Interesting characters, nice setting. Enjoyable. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine.


* This book was won through Goodreads First Reads program. While not required, a review of book is encouraged. The above thoughts and opinions are mine alone.

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