Recipe for a Happy Life by Brenda Janowitz

recipe for happy lifeHannah Goodman had a different life growing up than most. Her mother, Gray, a famous photojournalist did not believe in things like trust funds or the typical mother/daughter relationship. Rather, Gray wanted Hannah to make her mark on the world in her own distinctive way.

Hannah’s grandmother, 6 times a widow, wants Hannah to have the comforts of home- a nice wardrobe, good education (without drowning in student loan debt) and to be able to fit in and converse with rich people.

Hannah tries to balance both worlds- her mother’s expectations and her grandmother’s- then one day, her world comes crashing down. Craving a need to get away, Hannah escapes to the Hamptons to live with her grandmother. While there, Hannah begins learning life lessons from her grandma. Lessons that Hannah is not sure she needs- but lessons anyway.

Between days of sun, parties, good food, wine and spending time with her grandmother – Hannah finds out two things that irrevocably change her life. Only then does she begin to understand there is more than one type of recipe for a happy life.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Recipe for a Happy Life is a book that is fun, with great characters. It does have some moments that are deep, there is some sadness and some lessons. A nice book to sit at the pool with and read. Perfect for fans of chick-lit type books.

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