Reconstructing Amelia: Final Thoughts

Thanks to everyone who joined in with Book Lovers Unite! Each and every one of you helped make our online book club a success!

Today, for the last post, we have 2 different things to discuss- 1. Final thoughts on Reconstructing Amelia and 2. Thoughts for future Book Lovers Unite- what worked, what didn’t work, things of that nature.

Reconstructing Amelia Thoughts:

1. At the end of the book- how did you feel?

2. Did your opinion change about the book?

3. Would you recommend Reconstructing Amelia to others?


Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club

1. Did the weekly discussions work?

2. Did you feel rushed reading?

3. Did you feel you had too much downtime reading this?

4. Did you like getting to ask Kim questions? (NOTE: I can’t promise this kind of thing every time- however, I will try to have some author interaction with each book.)

5. Any general suggestions?


Again, thanks for joining in! Please remember that July’s Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club will be at Jen’s blog (Book-alicious Mama) and The Painted Girls will be the July pick. Judging from Jen’s posts- looks like July is going to be fun!

Have a wonderful weekend- and enjoy the upcoming 4th of July with friends and loved ones!


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7 thoughts on “Reconstructing Amelia: Final Thoughts

  1. 1 – at then end of the book – how did you feel? Let down. Disappointed. I was expecting some huge turning point – or some clue to help me figure out who the person was. Instead, they just omitted a few details till the end… those details could have helped me figure it out sooner. You know?

  2. At the end of the book, I felt sad that it was over! haha. I really loved this book! I didn’t feel let down or disappointed by it or anything. But at the same time, I really do wonder what is going to happen to Sylvia.

    I didn’t feel rushed reading because I loved this book so much, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in a week or two! (Sometimes I can be a bit of a slow reader and life likes to get in the way!)

    I would totally recommend this book! It is now one of my favorites!

    I really love this bookclub and look forward to getting my hands on the next book. I’m still 15th in line at the library! Ugh.

    • I wonder about Sylvia as well. But I don’t think I want to know, either. I think I like that it’s left unanswered.

      Good- I’m glad you didn’t feel rushed!

      Yay (re:recommendation!) I like to hear that!

      And I REALLY LOVE that you love this book club 🙂 🙂 Hope to see you for the The Painted Girls (and then back here in August!) Look for me to announce Aug pick around July 15 🙂

  3. k2reader says:

    I would absolutely recommend this book to others…especially those with teenage children. It’s interesting how big a topic social media and teenagers is right now – I just finished reading another book, The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag, that also used this topic in it’s story. That, like RA, involved the parents not really knowing what their own children were up to when it comes to twitter and facebook. Definitely makes you think!

    I really enjoyed the weekly discussions. I stuck to reading only the assigned reading each week and ended up with a routine – after reading each section, I would answer the questions, and then read what everyone had to say before moving on. I felt like I got a lot more out of this book, reading it this way with the discussion questions for each section, than I would have just reading it straight through.

    I think, because of the nature of this book, having time to digest each section worked. Will it work with every book – I don’t know.

    I loved getting to ask Kim questions – that was really cool!

    • Ooh- thank you! I’ll have to check out The 9th Girl!

      I liked the weekly discussions as well- and I stayed with the schedule (I mean I read a day ahead so I could ask questions- but I didn’t read far ahead- I kept thinking I would- but for discussion, it worked out great to read only assigned reading.)
      I felt like I got more out of book as well, reading it that way. Although, I do want to go back one day and read it basically straight through. Just to see if I missed anything!

      The format may have to be tweaked in the future, agree on that. We’ll see!

      I’m so glad you loved getting to ask Kim questions! I LOVED having her here as well. She was so great to do that!

  4. klicense says:

    I thought the ending of the book was good. I did not expect more. I did not expect less. I knew there would be some twist at the end. In the middle of the book I could not have predicted it but towards the end I caught on before I read it. I loved the book from the first sentence really. I think she is an excellent writer and I cannot wait to read her next book. Not sure if I would have picked up RA as quickly as I did without the book club so I am grateful:)

    I did not feel rushed reading with the club. I thought our discussions were not so much helpful as enjoyable. I love reading with others and I love hearing people’s thoughts and interpretations. When they differ from mine especially:) Loved the author input although that was a special occasion that we cannot always count on:) Don’t have too many suggestions on next time. I think it went pretty smoothly. My only issue if I have one is that with so many ppl now in the club it is hard to just send a quick tweet to members to talk directly about a thought or question with the book. On to the next! xo

    Oh and Happy Fourth..just got back from the parade hanging quiet until I take the kiddos to see Despicable Me 2.

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